Ableton Note [iOS]

Ableton Note is a mobile sketchpad for music ideas
  • Publisher: Ableton
  • Product: Ableton Note
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Requirements: iPhone iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 15.0 or later)

For musicians seeking a seamless way to capture inspiration on the go, Ableton has created the perfect mobile solution with their new Note app. This intuitive music sketchpad allows you to quickly record ideas, experiment with sounds, and develop song concepts wherever you are.

Get Ideas Out Quickly

Note provides an array of high-quality drum kits, synths, and melodic instruments pulled straight from Ableton Live for sparking musical ideas instantly. The gridbased interface makes it easy to tap out rhythms and melodies using your mobile device.

You can also record your own sounds into Note’s sampler instruments using your phone’s microphone. Sample percussion, melodic phrases, or any sound from your environment to build completely original sample-based kits and instruments.

Fluid Capture and Development

But Note isn’t just about initial idea Generation – it’s designed to be a full mobile sketchpad for fleshing out musical concepts. Quantize and tweak the timing of recorded sequences. Overdub new melodic layers. Shape sounds with synth parameters and effects. Even add groove with Note’s swing function.

Note’s Session View lets you create multi-scene arrangements by combining your rhythm, melody and sampled clips in different patterns. When you’ve captured something you love, render it out as an audio file to save and share.

Seamless Live Integration

Here’s where Note gets really powerful – it incorporates tight Ableton Live integration through the Ableton Cloud. Send your Note projects directly into Live’s session view without data translation. All MIDI sequences, instruments, and samples transfer perfectly.
You can also open Live projects in Note for on-the-go editing of your existing ideas. Make changes to melodies and sounds, then bounce it back to Live’s session to keep working. It’s a continuous mobile-desktop idea flow.

Best of all, Note comes bundled with a free Ableton Live Lite license, so new users get a taste of the full production power awaiting their musical sketches.

Mobility Meets Musicality

With its blend of intuitive music sketchpads, sound processing tools, and seamless Live integration, Ableton Note is a mobile musician’s dream utility. It finally frees musical creativity from the confines of the studio while providing a direct pathway to take those captured inspirations to fully-produced songs.

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