touchAble 3 v3.2.2 [iOS]

Publisher: Zerodebug
 Product: ‎touchAble 3 (Apps for controlling Live with an iOS device)
 Version: 3.2.2
 Free Download APK (9 MB)
  • Publisher: Zerodebug
  • Product: ‎touchAble 3
  • Version: 3.2.2

touchAble 3 offers a vast array of new and improved features now connects via a simple USB cable.

touchAble 3 Features

touchAble 3 now provides 42 new templates for all Ableton Live’s Instruments and Effects (including the most advanced ones such as “Operator” or “Analog”), all closely resembling their counterparts in look & feel (in-app purchase)

touchAble 3 now provides a new iPad/iPhone “Link Mode”. Users can now combine two or more iPads/iPhones to one big control surface: the position, order and size of each device’s clip view can be freely set and all linked iOS devices will constantly depend on each other.

touchAble 3 now supports Devices in Racks. A simple tap opens a rack and unveils the chains, a second one will gives access to every Device contained in the selected chain. By exceeding the traditional 8 macro control limitation, touchAble allows users to get full control over any type of complex Set.

touchAble 3 now features a completely recoded Server which insures perfect communication between the computer running Ableton Live and the connected iOS devices. In addition to provide wireless connectivity using an ad-hoc WIFI network on stage or router for home studio use, connecting to Ableton with touchAble 3 now has never been easier : plug in a simple USB cable to the iOS device and to the computer, and you are ready to go.

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