TouchOSC v1.9.11 [ANDROiD]

Publisher: Hexler
 Product: TouchOSC
 Version: 1.9.11
 Formats: APK
 Requirements: Android 1.6 or later
 Free Download (1 MB)
  • Publisher: Hexler
  • Product: TouchOSC
  • Version: 1.9.11
  • Formats: APK
  • Requirements: Android 1.6 or later

Making it’s debut way back in 2008, TouchOSC is the original touchscreen MIDI and OSC control app.

Make control. Take control.

Today TouchOSC continues to provide utility in studios, live-shows, clubs, workshops and galleries around the globe. Combined with our free tools TouchOSC Editor and TouchOSC Bridge, TouchOSC is relied upon by thousands of creators & makers on a daily basis.

A fully modular control surface that runs on all iOS and Android devices. Send and receive Open Sound Control or MIDI messages over Wi-Fi to control all compatible software and hardware.

TouchOSC Features & Specs

Total Control

Choose from a wide variety of control shapes & styles, and easily configure each to fit your preference or the demands of the software or hardware you are working with. TouchOSC can be used to control (almost) anything.

Wireless & Wired MIDI

On top of full Open Sound Control support and its own wireless MIDI Bridge, TouchOSC can connect using OS X CoreMIDI Network Sessions or any iOS compatible MIDI interface or controller.

Cross Platform Support

TouchOSC is available for both iOS and Android devices. Easily switch hardware and deploy your custom layouts across numerous mobile devices.

Built-in Logic Pro/Express Support

For iOS users, TouchOSC is an officially supported Apple Logic Pro/Express Control Surface. Take control of your mix or recording from anywhere around the studio, and never stress about your controls not being fully in sync with your favorite DAW.

Compatible Software

  • Apple Logic Pro/Express
  • Ableton Live
  • NI Reaktor
  • Max/MSP/Jitter
  • Max for Live
  • Pure Data
  • Renoise
  • Resolume Avenue + Arena
  • Modul8
  • vvvv
  • VDMX
  • Plogue Bidule
  • TroikaTronix Isadora
  • Harrison Mixbus
  • CoGe
  • Supercollider
  • OSCulator
  • …and many others

Android Requirements

Requires Android 1.6 or later. Latest version requires Android 6 or later. Multi-touch requires Android device with full distinct touch tracking capabilities, please check with the manufacturer of your device for full specs.

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