Groove3 Arturia Prophet V Explained (Tutorial)

Groove3 Arturia Prophet V Explained (Tutorial)

Synth guru Tyler Coffin presents comprehensive Arturia Prophet V tutorials! See and listen to how Arturia has recreated the classic Sequential Circuits synthesizers from the ’80s. Dive deep into both the virtual Prophet 5 and Prophet VS’s features and functions also as the way to make sounds with this dynamic synth duo. These videos are designed for brand spanking new Arturia Prophet V users.

Tyler begins with a fast history of the Prophet synths and divulges their user interfaces and basic operation. He then starts with the prophet 5, showing how the instrument employed subtractive synthesis, which is common among analog synthesizers, but this instrument was a classic for a reason. See why!

Next, Tyler shows you all about the Prophet VS, which is nearly a completely different instrument, and the way it employs digital Wavetable or Vector Synthesis to make its sound, which provides you a completely different sound design experience.

Throughout the remainder of the videos you’ll learn what all of the controls do on these powerful synths, the way to combine both the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS to form amazing hybrid sounds, utilize their preset management and browser features, and put many of the controls into action by practicing sound design principles to assist visualize the sound and see the way to edit and use it.

Last but not least, you’ll watch the way to make classic and modern patches from scratch, including sonically intriguing Bass, Lead and Pad sounds.

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