Groove3 Getting That Vintage Sound [TUTORiAL]

Publisher: Groove3
Product: Getting That Vintage Sound
Length: 1hr 40min 53sec (22 Videos)
  • Publisher: Groove3
  • Product: Getting That Vintage Sound
  • Length: 1hr 40min 53sec (22 Videos)

Producer pro Chris Herrera delivers an in-depth video series all about creating that “Vintage Vibe” in your digital recordings! See how to craft realistic sounding lo-fi effects, tape and tube saturation, vintage reverbs and more, using both stock and select 3rd party plug-ins.

To begin Chris welcomes you and goes over what to expect from the video series, and then jumps right in, showing you how to create cool Lo-Fi drum tones. How to emulate Tape Hiss and Wow & Flutter is then shown, as well as how to use them effectively.

Next, Chris reveals the mighty PSP Vintage Warmer plug-in and how to use it on acoustic guitars, drums, and female and male vocals, to conjure the sound of yesteryear realistically. Next the powerful Slate Virtual Tape Machine plug-in is explained and showcased for convincing use.

Moving on, Chris breaks out the Waves Kramer Tape Machine plug-in and covers how to use it on drums and male and female vocals to create perfect Blues, Jazz, or old school Rock tones. Vintage Verb is next, and you’ll see how to re-create some of the tones early rack reverbs had, to further your convincing vintage feel.

Wrapping it all up, Chris plays a demo mix containing each element treated with techniques explored throughout this series, to help you get an idea of what a final mix might sound like with all the tricks and tools in place and more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re curious about what made classic recordings sound so great and how to get that vibe for your modern day digital recordings, check this series out… Watch “Getting That Vintage Sound” today.

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