Monthly Electronic Music Production with Kygo [TUTORiAL]

Publisher: Monthly
Product: Electronic Music Production with Kygo
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  • Publisher: Monthly
  • Product: Electronic Music Production with Kygo
    • Stems: 7.86GB
    • Tutorial: 20.93GB

Become a better music producer in 30 days. During this one-month class, learn Kygo’s entire process for producing electronic music. Finish the class with 3 release-ready songs that you’ll want to share.

Produce 3 release-ready songs in 30 days

World-class music producer Kygo teaches you everything he knows in this one-month class, transforming the way you make music. Immerse yourself in Kygo’s unique process and leave the class with 3 release-ready songs and a new set of lifelong, end-to-end music production skills.

Song #1: Synth Lead Drop

For Song #1, Kygo walks you through his end-to-end production process by producing a new song with a Kygo-style synth lead in the drop. You will follow along and produce your own synth-lead song, leveling up your production skills across the board.

Song #2: Vocal Chops Drop

For Song #2, Kygo dives deep into vocal chops and vocal manipulation, demonstrating his entire process for producing a song with vocal chops in the drop. You’ll follow along and produce your second song of the class featuring vocal chops.

Song #3: Developing Your Sound

For Song #3, Kygo shares his approach to finding a unique sound as a producer and evolving your style over time. You’ll finish the class by producing a third song designed to help you discover or refine your own signature sound as a producer and artist.

Level up your full set of music production skills

During this 30-day class, learn the end-to-end music production skills Kygo uses to make electronic hits. This class meets you where you are and pushes your skills to new heights.

Production Fundamentals

Learn the end-to-end skills of a music producer, from tracking your first MIDI instrument and finding the best sounds to bus processing and sound design. During the class, Kygo shows his real-time production process and all the tools he uses.

Selecting and Deconstructing Demos

Kygo explains his process for analyzing and selecting demo songs to produce, including what he listens for across melodies, vocal performance, chord progressions, lyrics, tempo, and more, as well as his process for deconstructing the demo to start producing.

Sounds, Synths, Samples, and Plugins

Kygo shares all of the tools he uses to make his music, including his go-to instrument sounds, plugins, and synths. He’ll show you how he finds the perfect instruments, audio samples, and effects, and how he saves his sounds and organizes his library.

Vocal Chops and Manipulation

Kygo shows you his complete process for producing a vocal chop lead. You’ll watch Kygo manually slice his vocals into samples, jam on the keyboard to compose a melody, and create rich vocal textures with effects like pitch shifting, vocoder, and formant.

EQ, Reverb, Sidechaining, and More FX

Kygo dives deep into EQ, reverb, sidechaining, and more, teaching how he gets the most out of these audio processing effects. In this class, you’ll learn how to use these effects in more creative and powerful ways to customize and tailor your sounds.

Writing Drum, Bass, Synth & Piano Parts

Kygo breaks down how he writes all the instrument parts for his songs, from powerful bass lines and energetic drums to big synths and rhythmic piano parts. Learn to write and produce each part of your song with just a MIDI keyboard, no instruments needed.

Sweeps, Risers, Reverses, and Fills

Kygo shows how to build and release tension throughout your song using reverse crashes, up sweeps, down sweeps, risers, and fills. These transitions will help you draw a listener from one section into the next and ensure your song maintains momentum.

Song Structure and Arrangement

Kygo demonstrates his end-to-end process for arranging his songs, including how he decides on the order and number of verses, choruses, and drops, and how he writes and produces an intro and outro that effectively round out his arrangement.

Automation and Advanced Techniques

Kygo walks through all of the advanced techniques he uses to take his tracks to the next level, including a wide range of automation tricks, sidechaining techniques, filtering effects, bus processing, and more to create polished, professional dance tracks.

Layering, Composition, Sound Selection

Kygo demonstrates his process of layering instruments to create a powerful and sonically-rich arrangement. In the class, you’ll learn how to stack pianos, synths, drums, pads, and basses to create a thick full sounds, while avoiding a messy, overproduced track.

Powerful Drops and Catchy Melodies

Kygo breaks down every element of his signature high-energy drop, from drums and bass to pianos and synths. Learn how to write catchy drop melodies for synth or vocal chop leads, and how to add power with sidechaining, layering, and effects.

Controlling Energy and Momentum

Controlling the energy levels throughout a song is a critical skill for an electronic music producer. Kygo will teach you how to strategically introduce or remove production elements to vary the energy levels and keep the listener engaged throughout the song.

Kygo’s Experimentation Process

Kygo takes a hands-on, experimental approach to making music. In the class, he’ll show how he jams to find catchy rhythmic patterns, composes melodies by improvising on the piano, and tests out different instrument sounds to select the perfect one.

Mixing, Mastering, and Polishing Tracks

Kygo will break down the mixing and mastering process he uses to polish and finalize his tracks. In the class, you’ll watch Kygo mix and master multiple songs in real-time, explaining every tool he uses and ever decision he makes along the way.

Finding your Distinct Sound

Kygo has succeeded in the music industry by crafting a unique and differentiated sound. In the class, he will share how he developed a distinct production style by exploring music, curating a library of favorite sounds, and constantly integrating new influences.

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, projects, and feedback sessions. It’s a world-class curriculum and unforgettable learning experience designed to level you up.

Pre-class: Onboarding and Introduction

Before class starts, there are few things you’ll need to do to be ready to go on Day 1. Kygo explains how to get set up and what you’ll need to have and know ahead of time to get the most out of the class.

Days 1-13: Synth Lead Song

In this part of the class, Kygo will walk you through his start-to-finish music production process. He will produce an original song with a Kygo-style synth lead in the drop, detailing every idea, tip, and technique he uses along the way. By the end of Part 1, you will produce a polished track of your own with a synth lead in the drop, leveling up your production skills across the board.

Days 14-24: Vocal Chops Song

In this part, Kygo will dive deep into vocal chops and vocal manipulation. He will demonstrate his end-to-end process for producing a song with a vocal chop lead in the drop, including how he composes a catchy vocal chop melody and processes vocals with a range of effects. You’ll follow along, and by the end of Part 2, you’ll produce a second song that features vocal chops in the drop.

Days 25-30: Finding Your Own Sound

In the final part of the class, Kygo will share his approach to finding a unique and memorable sound as a producer. He will explain how he finds inspiration from other artists and producers, curates a library of signature sounds, and evolves his sound over time. You will finish the class by producing a third song that will help you discover or refine your own personal sound as a producer.

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