Udemy Play Ukulele Now (Course)

Learn to play a ukulele, make your own music in your own way on the ukulele, and celebrate doing it.
  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Course: Play Ukulele Now
  • Trainer: Dan “Cool Hand Uke” Scanlan

Learn to play a ukulele, make your own music in your own way on the ukulele, and celebrate doing it.

What you’ll learn

  • Explore the ukulele and learn to play it
  • Identify and clarify the musical options afforded by the ukulele
  • Provide not just the essential techniques, but challenge students to develop their own styles
  • Provide encouragement throughout the whole learning process
  • Relish the history, lore and future impact of the ukulele, the music it makes and players who perform it
  • Keep it fun


  • Software to read PDF files, view video and listen to audio
  • Ukulele, tuned GCEA
  • Electronic tuner, pitchfork, piano or an honest ear for pitch recommended
  • Penchant for fun

The diminutive ukulele, born of a wedding in Hawaii in 1879, is currently in its third wave of worldwide popularity. it is a charming, friendly instrument and ultimately easy to play. But there are treasures hidden in its depths.

If you would like to find out the way to play ukulele, during this course an aficionado of the ukulele for 50 years and teacher of it for 20, will hold your hand as you learn to play ukulele, learn its parts, its lore, it is tuning, and show you ways to steer it into the planet of harmony, melody, rhythm, and song.

Written lectures are often protected with video presentations. and therefore the instructor is out there via email. This course is acceptable for absolute beginners trying to find out the way to play a ukulele, guitar players who wish to migrate to the ukulele, and accomplished ukulele players trying to find new challenges.

Who is eligible for this course:

  • Absolute beginners
  • Advanced beginners
  • Advanced players
  • Students of culture and music of all types
  • All ages: children to retirees
  • Anyone who wants to find out music

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