Arturia FX Collection 2 [WiN-OSX]

Publisher: Arturia
Product: FX Collection 2
Version: 08.06.2021-MORiA
Format: VST/VST3/AU
Platform:  WiN 8.1+, macOS 10.13+
  • Publisher: Arturia
  • Product: FX Collection 2
  • Version: 08.06.2021-MORiA
  • Format: VST/VST3/AU
  • Platform: WiN 8.1+, macOS 10.13+
  • Note for macOS users: Before you can apply the .command patches to make the plugins work, you must …
    1. open Terminal
    2. copy/paste “sudo chmod -R 777 ” or “chmod u+x ” into the Terminal; remember it is important to leave a space at the end
    3. Drag and drop one of the .command files from the Finder to the Terminal window
    4. Press “Enter“
    5. Enter your administrator password if required
    6. Run the .command file to register the corresponding plugin; if you still get the message that the file can’t be opened, go to macOS security and privacy settings->General->open

Arturia FX Collection 2 crack is an all-encompassing suite of plugins combining the analog warmth of vintage effects with the creative flexibility of modern audio enhancers, putting exceptional studio-quality sound in the hands of musicians and producers of all styles and abilities.

Cracked FX Collection 2 Main Features

  • 22 software FX, created using TAE® physical and circuit modelling
  • All FX can be used in your DAW as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX plug-in
  • Modern touches: side chaining, mid-side processing, look-ahead tracking and more…
  • Beautiful, incredibly detailed, high-res interfaces
  • In-app tutorials to help you get the best out of each plug-in
  • Great sounding presets with sound designer notes and parameter highlights

Your dream studio, re-engineered

The result of decades of research, unparalleled modeling technology, and a true passion for audio quality, FX Collection 2 crack represents the all-in-one collection..

History’s finest outboard effects, console components, and iconic pedals, meticulously researched and modeled in detail. Cutting-edge algorithms and enhancements, tailor-made for today’s producers, composers, creators.

Spanning everything from classic analog compressors to timeless contemporary reverbs, this collection unites every tool you need to professionally mix, master, and customize every aspect of your sound.

Inspiration in the mix

The premium sound of industry-leading studios, the trailblazing creativity of contemporary effects, the immediate flexibility of cutting-edge software.

Color your sound

Enrich your mix with the analog authenticity of the finest studios, brimming with grainy warmth, or refine it with platinum audio precision – the choice is yours.

Easy to use

Intuitively-designed interfaces and useful in-app tutorials make these plugins easy for everyone to use, from beginner to pro.

Arturia original effects

Contemporary audio tools designed to compliment their vintage peers, from proprietary parallel processors to gravity-defying reverbs.

The best presets

Every plugin has expertly-designed presets, notes from the engineers, and a refined browser that delivers the results you need in seconds.

Vintage sounds reborn

Employ the most sought-after studio effects recreated in component-accurate detail, from vintage echo boxes to time-tested broadcast preamps.

Advanced new features

Every effect is expanded with additional parameters and features for cutting-edge functionality that surpasses traditional audio gear.

New in FX Collection 2 crack

7 new FX plugins

FX Collection 2 crack has increased in size from 15 to 22 plugins, including Bus FORCE, Comp DIODE-609, Phaser BI-TRON, Chorus JUN-6, and more.

New Delay TAPE-201 preamp crack

Delay TAPE-201 now has multiple preamp options: no preamp, the original RE-201 preamp, and a newly-modeled Germanium preamp for that signature crunch.

Enhanced in-app tutorials

Get familiar with each plugin with newly-integrated tutorials and tips, covering every parameter and component in detail.

Refined preset browser

FX Collection 2 features the same intuitive preset browser as V Collection, offering streamlined browsing, filtering, and saving of your favorite presets.

200 new presets

Enjoy freshly-designed presets for almost every plugin in the collection, making it easier than ever to tweak on the fly and find the sonic magic you need.

NKS ready

Every title in FX Collection 2 crack is ready for Native Kontrol Standard implementation for a fluid workflow alongside the rest of your virtual instruments and effects.

An entire boutique studio in your DAW

FX Collection 2 crack puts 22 totally unique, incredibly usable effects at your command.

Want to make your vocals shine, your guitars dance, your drums smack, and your master bus raise the roof? Each effect has been carefully chosen, modeled in extreme detail, and enhanced for your DAW production.

Mix Bus

Bus FORCE crack

A powerful original parallel processor with 4 distinct modules: Filter, EQ, Compressor, and Saturation. Your new go-to mixing plugin.

Comp DIODE-609 crack

Based on the iconic british stereo compressor and limiter with a distinctly characterful crunchy response – great for drums.

EQ SITRAL-295 crack

A classic stereo EQ with gentle musical curves and warm transistor feel, based on the classic ‘70s Siemens™ broadcast console.


Chorus DIMENSION-D crack

Simple 4-mode operation for beautifully smooth stereo chorus in one click, with perfectly-emulated BBD warmth

Phaser BI-TRON crack

An elusive dual phaser that oozes boutique guitar pedal charm, with two phasing circuits and advanced routing options.

Flanger BL-20 crack

A rare & unique studio gem that goes from faint stereo width to out-of-this-world compound modulation in no time.

Chorus JUN-6 crack

Based on the classic Juno chorus for massive stereo richness, analog warmth, and subtle movement at the touch of a button.


Comp VCA-65 crack

The ultimate rhythm section compressor, Comp VCA-65 is a hard-hitting solid-state VCA compressor with a modern twist.

Comp TUBE-STA crack

A reimagining of the legendary vacuum-tube powered STA-Level, a secret weapon for bass and vocals since the ‘50s.

Comp FET-76 crack

The most coveted studio compressor ever made, known as the unit that makes everything sound better. Perfect vocals and instruments every time.


Delay TAPE-201 crack

Organic, tape-saturated delay and metallic spring reverb at its finest, this is the echo box to end all echo boxes.


The iconic lo-fi delay known for its beautifully dark tone and swarming feedback, enhanced for today’s ambient needs.

Delay ETERNITY crack

An exciting original delay effect with huge modulation and textural capabilities – an innovative tool for the modern producer.


Rev PLATE-140 crack

A luxurious, rich, smooth plate reverb known for its mix-ready clarity, retrofitted with futuristic features.


Lose yourself in a totally new type of reverb. Rev INTENSITY combines cinematic sound with in-depth modulation and sound shaping.

Rev SPRING-636 crack

Enhance any sound with a vibrant, slappy, squelchy spring reverb that sounds so real, you’d swear you could kick it yourself.


Pre 1973 crack

The iconic ‘70s Brit sound, a staple in the world’s most renowned studios, perfectly recreated for the modern producer.

Pre TridA crack

One of the most prized, rare, and exclusive channel strips ever made, known for its musical EQ, reborn in your DAW

Pre V76 crack

The finest vintage tube preamp & a sound that defined ‘60s pop music, known as ‘The White Album Sound’, reborn in exquisite detail.


Filter MINI crack

A plugin recreation of Dr Moog’s famous 24dB per octave low-pass ladder filter, updated with exciting new features for the modern music maker.

Filter M12 crack

The legendary Oberheim® Matrix-12 filter, reworked with programmable modulation and advanced controls.

Filter SEM crack

Taken from Tom Oberheim’s pioneering synth design, this is simply one of the best-loved filters of all time.

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