FideliQuest FiDef Plugin v1.0.20 [WiN]

FideliQuest FiDef Plugin v1.0.20 WiN
  • Publisher: FideliQuest
  • Product: FiDef Plugin
  • Version: 1.0.20-R2R
  • Formats: VST

FiDef adds glue to your mix, giving you a professional, polished sound faster and better than analog summing busses, tape simulation/emulation plugins or other tricks. FiDef gives each element in your mix equal depth, space and balance, creating a final product that’s more engaging, emotive and enjoyable.


FiDef employs a highly specialized, patented process to create a custom noise profile that is tightly correlated to the source audio. The noise layer is sub-audible, but FiDef makes use of a phenomena that exploits the brain’s ability to make use of sub-audible noise to enhance the interpretation of sound.

The noise layer also survives the encoding process to lossy formats, ensuring mixes uploaded to popular streaming services retain the sonic characteristics of the full resolution source.

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