Groovecube Exciton v2.0.1 [WiN]

Publisher: Groovecube
Version: Exciton
Formats: 2.0.1-R2R
  • Publisher: Groovecube
  • Version: Exciton
  • Formats: 2.0.1-R2R
  • Synthesis
    • Subtractive Synthesis (physical modeling of an analog synthesizer).
    • Voices: 1 to 64(variable).
  • Oscillator
    • 2 Oscillators (OCS1/OCS2).
    • Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse(with PWM).
    • Modulation: 2 mods assignable from ENV1/ENV2/LFO1/LFO2.
  • Mixer
    • Inputs: OSC1, OSC2, ring modulation, noise generator.
    • Noise generator with colour adjustment.
  • Filter
    • Lowpass/Highpass, 6/12/18/24dB/Oct.
    • Resonance: Lowpass, Highpass(without 6dB/Oct).
    • Saturation: available for Lowpass 12/18/24/Oct, Saturation Level, Saturation Curve (3 types).
    • Modulation: 2 mods assignable from ENV1/ENV2/LFO1/LFO2.
  • Amplifier
    • Modulation: selectable from ENV1/ENV2.
    • LFO modulation: selectable from LFO1/LFO2.
  • Envelope
    • 2 envelopes (ENV1/ENV2), ADSR (Attack Time, Decay Time. Sustain Level, Release Time).
    • Attack Curve (3 types).
    • All parameters (without attack curve) can be dynamically controlled during voicing.
  • LFO
    • 2 LFOs (LFO1/LFO2).
    • Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, Sample & Hold, Random.
    • Mono/Poly mode.
  • Effect
    • Modulation delay, highcut/lowcut filters, overdrive.
  • Others
    • Unison mode.
    • Portamento: available for both Poly/Unison.
    • Velocity Sens.: individually available for all modulations.
    • Programs: 128.

Before the big wave, Santa brought you some nice retro toys. Some are never released before, some are fixed or optimized for latest Windows OS, some are strongly protected.

Since you have much faster computer than 20 years ago, try running those
legacy under higher sampling rate (96kHz or above) and rediscover your hidden gems (if plugin supports that rate), the difference is like night and day.

We tested our release under latest build of Windows 10 x64. Some legacy use depricated function from old VSTSDK. If you can’t get working correctly in your hosts, try wrapper or bridge like PatchWork, MetaPlugin, jBridge etc. MetaPlugin also have oversampling option to run those legacy in higher sampling rate.


Long story in this plugin. This was first supplied to peace-out in 2008. Some ASSiGN members tried cracking again in 2010-2011 and found it’s still tough to do. In 2012-2013, R2R reversed the protection and finally found how the protection works, but we also found that it is not easy to crack without having one legit serial number. We gave up cracking this after that.

Time passed. We’ve coded many custom tools to reverse, analyse, automate, to reverse various applications. One day, one of R2R remembered that we gave up cracking this synth before. After some fight with our invention, we finally calculated the magic value without having legit serial. For the most people it’s just another R2R release but this is something special for us 🙂

All prestes are integrated.

We also code custom additional function to set default preset dir, which should be nice when you load or save the presets. Read included text to see more!


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