Hit’n’Mix Infinity v4.7.0 (Win)

Publisher: Hit’n’Mix
 Product: Infinity
 Version: 4.7.0 Incl Emulator-R2R
 Formats: EXE, AAX
 System requirements: Windows (64-bit)
 Download (24 MB)
  • Publisher: Hit’n’Mix
  • Product: Infinity
  • Version: 4.7.0 Incl Emulator-R2R
  • Formats: EXE, AAX
  • System requirements: Windows (64-bit)

Valid serial with DLL emulation of WINHTTP 🙂 Just install and enjoy!

Legit version requires internet connection every startup. We hope they will sell the app well and run the server without issue, or license will be gone!

Hit’n’Mix Infinity isn’t just another audio editor. The possibilities are endless!

Work with the actual notes, harmonics and percussive sounds that audio is constructed from.

Why Hit’n’Mix Infinity?

  • Remix, Repair & Redesign audio files, plus edit audio in video (video macOS only)
    • All within one piece of software! No need for multiple editors.
  • Easily edit audio as notes, harmonics & unpitched sound, using high-quality, polyphonic source separation
    • The only true source separation, unmixing tracks down to the core components of audio – notes, harmonics, frequency, phase & amplitude! Avoid complex and time-consuming waveform/spectral editing & rendering.
  • Quickly replace instruments or any sound, plus repitch & clone notes within both audio & MIDI tracks
    • Experience a new & unique approach to editing audio with an efficient, layers-based workflow! No need to create & edit within multiple formats.
  • View audio files as beautifully presented, color-coded notes
    • And modify using a variety of integrated Audioshop® tools! A powerful and original approach to separating, manipulating and recreating audio.
  • Create your own effects & interactive tools
    • With unprecedented access to the core components of sound! Customize Hit’n’Mix Infinity the way you want.

Remixing & Music Production

  • Approach sampling in powerful, flexible new ways
  • Use Audioshop‘s advanced editing features, such as changing the instrument or sound and cloning the pitch of notes, plus adding realistic vibrato
  • Auto-detect and change key, mode & chords plus transpose, create realistic-sounding harmonies, copy/paste, shorten and lengthen notes
  • Separate, manipulate and re-create vocal, instrument, rhythm and FX tracks
  • Copy them to other tracks for quick remix work, rehearsing or performing
  • Create new instrument parts and stems plus import previously recorded parts and stems or samples into stereo mixes
  • Import and export MIDI files and work with audio like it’s MIDI and MIDI like its audio
  • Experiment with new tempos/BPMs
  • Re-quantize and alter grooves

Audio Repair

  • Remove breathing from vocal and instrument takes, even body taps, drum hits and more
  • Fix bum notes
  • Re-balance and adjust your mixes
  • Tweak levels of individual harmonics
  • Tighten or loosen timing
  • Run automated scripts on pitch, levels, panning and more
  • Sound Design, Video Editing & Audio Post
  • Alter speech and other sounds and make unrestricted, natural-sounding pitch edits
  • Clean up spoken dialog
  • Remove or enhance background & foreground noise
  • Powerful sound design capabilities for ambient effects, Foley, background noise and more
  • Import video files (most MP4, M4V, MOV and some AVI) macOS only
  • Edit in sync with video
  • Export MP4 and MOV

Hit’n’Mix Infinity also fits within the workflow of most DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and FL Studio.

Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7 Update

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7, featuring the following enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Can now create toolbars below the Hit’n’Mix menu bar
  • Can now add custom menus to the Hit’n’Mix menu bar
  • Instrument Palette:
    • Renamed Sound Palette 
    • Now implemented as a permanent toolbar, auto-loaded at startup
    • Simplified and moved optional parameters to Audioshop and Note Editor for context-based display
    • Audition playback no longer sometimes warbled and new pitches not automatically generated
    • Removed from the RipScript menu as now permanently running as core component of Hit’n’Mix
  • Audioshop:
    • Draw Sound tool:
      • Much more responsive
      • Add sounds by clicking and dragging to right, and then dragging to left to shorten
      • Added Original Pitch and Whole Sound options
    • Join tool more flexible, joining notes further apart
    • Simplified and now implemented as a permanent toolbar, auto-loaded at startup
    • Added Edit Unpitched tool for copying/pasting/deleting/duplicating/removing noise from high resolution selected regions of audio
    • On all tools it is now possible to click to set playhead/cursor
    • Shortcut keys 0-9 and Shift+1 now assigned to Audioshop tools
    • Separate mouse cursor for each tool to identify current tool more easily
    • Removed from the RipScript menu as now permanently running as core component of Hit’n’Mix
    • Buttons to open/close other RipScripts like mappers, the Note Editor and Noise Removal added contextually to different tool option toolbars
    • When right-clicking, an Audioshop menu now appears rather than the old-style toolbar for localised setting of tool
  • Note Editor:
    • Much faster editing and rendering
    • Improved playback with cursor and Stop button added
    • Added grid markings and time references
    • Double-clicking note no longer runs the Note Editor as couldn’t be consistent over all editing modes. Note Editor now has a button on the Move/Resize tool’s options bar
    • Mousewheel support added for quick scrolling through time
  • Added Panning Mapper which supersedes and replaces the previous stereo sweep RipScripts
  • Export removed from RipScript menu as available from the File menu
  • Chord Creator:
    • Improved workflow
    • More responsive
  • Tempo Info now a toolbar
  • Info Window RipScript template now Info Toolbar
  • Various cosmetic improvements
  • Tidied up RipScript menus and submenus structure


  • It is now possible to zoom out to show the entire rip. The rip notes are shown in a simplified form when zoomed out a certain amount for a clearer presentation
  • It is now possible to duplicate note and time selections using Edit>Duplicate (Ctrl/Cmd+D)
  • It is now possible to use Edit>Revert To Original to return the rip to its original unedited state. Note this is only possible on rips created with Hit’n’Mix 4.7.0 onwards
  • Deleting lots of notes now much faster
  • Left side of keyboard is now a grip for moving pitch range displayed up/down when zoomed in
  • Master BPM now displayed with current rip name in top-right corner
  • Dragging barlines now snap to high amplitude potential beat points
  • Auto-saving disabled. Now Hit’n’Mix asks the user whether to save
  • Notes shown thicker when zoom in on pitch
  • Windows: When zooming in/out time region no longer flickers
  • Edit>Loop Selection (L) added to menu
  • Edit>Assign Layer now has shortcut A
  • Improved snapping of unpitched sound to beat markers when selecting
  • Higher resolution display of unpitched sound, with no banding
  • Shift+clicking rips in RipList now no longer deselects ones in the opposite direction to the current anchor
  • More undos, and limits undos if low on disk space


  • Instrument Panel renamed Layer Panel and instruments referred to as layers
  • Multiple Solos now supported
  • Master volume now adjustable
  • dB shown for level adjustments
  • Level slider less sensitive
  • Removed Edit>Unset Instrument as not very useful
  • Unset instruments now Unassigned layers
  • Added Assign Layer to layer menu
  • When add new layer, the currently selected notes/unpitched sound is automatically assigned to it
  • Removed unused instruments/layers from list so easier to add own, and less cluttered


  • Playback line displayed where notes non-existent or low in amplitude
  • Looped playback now plays within the loop, even if cursor currently outside it
  • Looped playback now plays from the cursor if within the loop
  • Now always auto-plays new selections even within loop markers


  • Tempo and beat detection much improved. Pre 4.7.0 files automatically reprocessed when loaded (can be undone)
  • 24-bit and 32-bit PCM WAV files now supported (previously only Float supported)
  • Now opens WAV files containing incorrect information about amount of data
  • Fixed issue where unpitched sound was not assigned correctly during single instrument rips
  • Improved Ripper Options descriptions
  • Closing the Ripper window now cancels the ripping within the Hit’n’Mix RipList panel
  • Hit’n’Mix now asks whether to rip at full speed or in the background the first time ripping is selected

Bug Fixes

  • Many bug fixes affecting all areas of operation

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