Luxonix Purity (Mac)

Luxonix Purity
  • Publisher: Sonic Cat Inc. (a.k.a. Luxonix)
  • Product: Purity
  • Version: 1.2.5
  • Format: VST, AU
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or higher

Luxonix Purity VST plugin is an up and coming age of computerized instrument workstation and PCM Sound Module/Rompler VST plugin.

Searching for a huge assortment of sounds and impacts all contained in a simple to utilize sixteen-section workstation that comes at a deal cost? Possibly Luxonix Purity is the appropriate response.

Purity Highlight Summary

16-section multi-instrument with GM Support:

  • Channel connect work permits fix layering.
  • Key/speed go for parting sound zone.
  • General MIDI typical/beat sound and control support.
  • 2 modes intended for each channel reason – Melody/Drum.

Coordinated Mixer:

  • Realtime sound level meters.
  • Need mode for organizing patches.
  • 2 sound system yield transports – principle/sub.
  • 2 sound system send-return impact transports – chorale/reverb.
  • Channel duplicate/glue/swap work.
  • Up to 1024-voice worldwide polyphony (64 for each channel).

Incorporated Pattern Sequencer:

  • Creative structure for song and drum.
  • Up to 64 stages with 5 paths.
  • Rate time alternative with triplet.
  • Swing alternative to differ time rate.
  • Hook work for foundation design.

Preset Browser:

  • Quick fix change on-the-fly during live execution.
  • More than 1300 industrial facility sound presets (more than 200 expressions and circles).
  • 5-shading patch acknowledgment.
  • PC console support.

24 kinds of Insert Effect:

  • Channels and EQ.
  • Blowers, overdrive and bends.
  • Bit smasher, clamor generator and sound system picture.
  • Tune, flanger, phaser and wah-wah.
  • Tremolo and auto-skillet.
  • Deferrals and reverbs.

Simple to-utilize Edit Panel:

  • Full-included alter without paging.
  • Ergonomic arrangement and structure.
  • Realistic envelope.

Coordinated MIDI Keyboard:

  • Position-to-speed delicate 88-key.
  • 2 wheels – Pitch Bend/Modulation.

Worldwide Setup:

  • Choices for framework assets.
  • Choices to distinguish UI.

The included effects sound pretty good, but they could use a few more controls, depending on which effect you choose. They designed them so they will each fit within the same space on the GUI, and there are just three controls for each. For example, having three of them is great for the basic 3-band EQ, but it would be much better if the reverb had more choices to sculpt its sound.

Another improvement I’d like to see is in the amount of outputs. You are able to assign each channel to one of the four outputs; two for the Main output, and two for the Sub output. This is a decent amount, but I’d prefer a total of 16 separate audio outs to have the most flexibility in my DAW.

I like the workstation approach they have setup within Purity, and the sound quality is kicked up a notch from the original Ravity plugin. Some of the samples could have been produced a little better, but many of them sound great, especially for the file size. This also translates to quick loading times for the presets, and the CPU usage is low.

Purity is priced at $49 USD. They do state on their website to try the demo and make sure it works with your system. Also, the site mentions that there are no refunds, so I would follow their advice.

It is definitely priced right, and many of the presets sound very good. It’s tough to beat such a large variety of sounds and effects all contained in an easy to use sixteen-part workstation.

Review by SoundBytesMag

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