MAAT 2BC multiCORR v2.1.3 [WiN]

Publisher: MAAT
 Product: 2BC multiCORR
 Version: 2.1.3 - R2R
 Formats: VST2, VST3, AAX
 Requirements: Windows 7 and newer, 32 & 64 bit
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  • Publisher: MAAT
  • Product: 2BC multiCORR
  • Version: 2.1.3 – R2R (Incl Emulator)
  • Formats: VST2, VST3, AAX
  • Requirements: Windows 7 and newer, 32 & 64 bit

2BC multiCORR is a multiband correlation meter with essential metering and monitoring functions.

Unobtrusive Power

2BC multiCORR’s powerful features hide behind its clean and simple UI. We’ve brought essential functionality and innovative user interface design to what used to be an unremarkable product category. With five monitoring modes, an ergonomic and deceptively simple interface, highly tuned correlation metering over thirty one bands plus stereo balance and correlation, you’ve got to try 2BC multiCORR for yourself.

Better By Design

Most correlation meters use a cosine scale, derived from old analog meters, while 2BC multiCORR employs a trueLinear™ scale. This linear scale better matches your perception. As with all of MAAT’s products, 2BCmC follows our guidelines of creating meaningful tools for modern engineers.

2BC multiCORR Features

2BC multiCORR combines essential metering and monitor controls with a 31 band correlation meter group.

  • 31 bands of correlation with carefully chosen center frequencies
  • Exclusive trueLinear™ scale for higher precision with visuals that match your perception
  • Stereo Balance and Correlation
  • Five essential monitor controls: Left–Only, Right–Only, Mono (L+R), Diff (L-R) and Flip
  • Collapsable UI lets you see only what you need
  • Includes a native version that runs in standalone mode, great for dedicated metering
  • Plug–in runs on all major DAWs: AAX, AU, VST 2 & VST 3

2BC multiCORR is a general purpose tool for both production and post. Use its powerful metering and monitor controls for:

  • Tracking and Mixing
  • Mastering and Remastering
  • Sound & EFX Libraries
  • Radio & Television Production & Broadcast
  • Identifying Problem Elements; EFX, panning, widening or frequency ranges that may compromise playback or downstream processes
  • Verifying: balance, panning, super stereo processing and other creative decisions

2BC multiCORR slots into all modern workflows:

  • Supports LPCM sample rates up to 384k for DSD and high–end postproduction
  • All standard formats: AU, VST 2 and 3, AAX
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows
  • Low fatigue visual design
  • Resizable user interface for every screen resolution

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