MAGIX coreFX Suite (Win)

MAGIX coreFX Suite is the ultimate VST plugin bundle for mixing and mastering. coreFX includes precise dynamic control, 3 delay effects, plus a rhythm effect.
  • Publisher: MAGIX
  • Product: coreFX Suite
  • Version: 1.2.2
  • Format: VST2, VST3, AAX
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or newer

MAGIX coreFX Suite is that the ultimate VST plugin bundle for mixing and mastering. The Suite delivers all the essential tools and includes nine powerful core effects for creative sound manipulation on any DAW, whether PC or Mac: Five plug-ins for precise dynamic control, three delay effects for creating echo and reverb, plus a rhythm effect for contemporary productions.

Magix CoreFX is a nice plugin suite that can help pour on any mix and any styles.

coreFX 2-Point Compressor

The coreFX 2-Point Compressor contains two inflection points – another than a typical compressor. Greater freedom for compressing the dynamic curve leads to a significantly louder, powerful audio signal that’s more prominent against other sound sources.

coreFX VolumeFormer

A pump effect without complicated sidechain routing coreFX VolumeFormer are often used for rhythmic changes to volume. The AHR (attack-hold-release) envelope and therefore the rhythm are often freely modified. This creates the gate or sidechain effect that’s popular within the current dance scene.

coreFX Compressor

Achieve perfect compensation: The coreFX Compressor is employed to even out volume differences between signals in an audio track. Compressing the audio signal leads to a significantly fuller and clearer overall sound.

coreFX Limiter

Push it to the limit: The coreFX Limiter sets a maximum output level for an audio signal, which can’t be exceeded. Ratio and threshold for the utmost volume are often controlled during this thanks to limit dynamics within the final mastering process.

coreFX Gate

The coreFX Gate suppresses faint ground noise that happens during signal transmission – for uninterrupted acoustic enjoyment. This reduces noise and crosstalk, and manipulates attack and decay times.

coreFX Expander

The coreFX Expander works as a companion to a compressor and allows you to achieve a very natural sound. The dynamic range of an audio signal is expanded, noise suppressed and therefore the envelope of individual signals changed.

coreFX Delay

From subtle to computer graphics and clean to dub echo – with coreFX Delay, various vintage echo devices are often simulated. coreFX Delay creates a natural-sounding echo effect.

coreFX Chorus

Achieve more fullness and heat for vocals, guitars and synths: This creates an active effect of a several instruments played simultaneously.

coreFX Flanger

The jet effect for sound coloration of drums, guitars and synths. This lends a singular characteristic to individual sounds and allows you to achieve the classic flanging effect.

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