MIDIMood Kameleono (Win)

MIDIMood Kameleono (Win)
  • MIDIMood
  • Kameleono
  • v2.4
  • VSTi, VST3
  • Win32/64

MIDIMood Kameleono (Win) is an innovative VST plugin suitable for many applications such as Song-writing, Producing, Live Performance and Jamming.

Kameleono brings the power of side-chaining to the MIDI world, opens up endless possibilities and is capable of delivering the most demanding professional results.

How Does Kameleono Work?

MIDIMood Kameleono (Win) is unique. In addition to the standard MIDI-In / MIDI-Out you’ll find on any other MIDI FX plugin, there is also a side-chain MIDI input called Pattern-In.

The Pattern-In acts as a data source for Kameleono’s internal engine and can be used for Arpeggiator Patterns, Sequencer Notes, Sync Markers, etc.

Kameleono is a multi-effect MIDI plugin due to its modular design.
Every module can be used separately, or in conjunction with other modules.

  • The Flow Module handles note mapping such as Arpeggiator and Sequencer.
  • The Pattern Module handles loading and playback of pre-recorded MIDI pattern files.
  • The Chord Module handles chord mapping to single notes.
  • The Scale Module handles notes filtering.
  • The Express Module handles velocity and various MIDI controls.
  • The Sync Module handles timing and synchronization.
  • The Hold Module handles note hold functionality.
  • The In:Out Module handles input and output settings.
  • The Audio Module is actually a  basic synthesizer.

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