Mu Technologies Mu Voice v1.4.0 [WiN]

Publisher: Mu Technologies
Product: Mu Voice
Version: 1.4.0-R2R
  • Publisher: Mu Technologies
  • Product: Mu Voice
  • Version: 1.4.0-R2R

Mu Voice is the award winning plug-in by Mu Technologies that allows you to tune your vocal recordings, apply special effects and add natural sounding harmonies when mixing your track. The proprietary spectral analysis and synthesis techniques set new standards in vocal processing providing a unique tool for your recording studio. Tedious pitch curve editing is history now. An internal delay of only 5.8 ms makes Mu Voice the ideal vocal processor to perform live on stage.

Before the big wave, Santa brought you some nice retro toys. Some are never released before, some are fixed or optimized for latest Windows OS, some are strongly protected.

Since you have much faster computer than 20 years ago, try running those
legacy under higher sampling rate (96kHz or above) and rediscover your hidden gems (if plugin supports that rate), the difference is like night and day.

We tested our release under latest build of Windows 10 x64. Some legacy use depricated function from old VSTSDK. If you can’t get working correctly in your hosts, try wrapper or bridge like PatchWork, MetaPlugin, jBridge etc. MetaPlugin also have oversampling option to run those legacy in higher
sampling rate.


VectorSector is highly reputed from some maniacs but never released for more than 15 years.

MuVoice uses old PACE/iLOK driver level protection using TPkd.sys driver. Because Antares already moved to CodeMeter protection, MuVoice is the only product which uses old protection with x64 binary in 2020. This is the first and last crack for classic PACE x64 in audio warez history 🙂 We unpacked completely from PACE wrapper, just install and enjoy without having BSOD!


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