Native Instruments RC 24 (Win)

Native Instruments RC 24
  • Native Instruments
  • RC 24
  • v1.0.0
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • 93 MB

Native Instruments RC 24 is a classic reverb with an exceptional and warm stable sound that was propelled by a great equipment gadget. The RC 24 carries this eminent unit to your DAW, effectively reproducing its exceptional, vintage sonic qualities while extraordinarily broadening its ease of use!


The RC 24 conveys rich, larger-than-life halls and great sound plan prospects with staggering precision.


In light of a reverb that increased wild prevalence during the 80s and 90s, the RC 24 delivers larger-than-life vibe with staggering precision – directly down to the 12-bit converters. Include rich, trademark measurement to anything from acoustic instruments to electronic creations – the surface slices through even thick mixes while preserving the original harmonics.

The RC 24 is additionally an extraordinary sound structure instrument, opening prospects from cleaned out soundscapes to metallic, powerful sounds.


The RC 24 conveys three calculations from a studio great – each a ultra-adaptable, fundamental creation instrument. Six sliders on the interface control similar parameters on every one of the three calculations, making the RC 24 ultra-instinctive. Predelay and Depth decide the size and feel of the tail. Adjustment and Intensity include turn and movement, while Bass, Mid, and Hi-Cut sliders give profound tone control.

Utilize the RC 24 to quickly include unobtrusive space and surface or change even exceptionally percussive material into thick, ramble like cushions.


You’ve never observed anything like this. Both REVERB CLASSICS include a first-of-its-sort show that lets you see the ‘shape’ and force of the reverb’s acoustic impression, for ongoing visual input. Change your sound to flawlessness – the presentation responds in a split second.

Presently you can without much of a stretch change the shape and surface of reverb tails with a totally different element of control. Get moment ace sound in a matter of moments – no aptitude important.

How to use Native Instruments RC 24

RC 24 has controls that are regular with an exemplary equipment unit, just as some special highlights—specifically a ground-breaking show and a progressively streamlined interface. The UI is sorted out as follows:

  • The highest column gives a Menu bar different highlights principally concerning preset administration.
  • The upper part (over the showcase) holds a couple of controls influencing the general conduct of the reverb unit.
  • The center part holds the multi-reason show.
  • The base part holds the faders and handles permitting you to finely change the qualities of the reverb.

Learn how to add space to your tracks and create maximum reverb using RC 24 and RC 48. These classic effects plugins are perfect for lush reverb, and rich harmonic texture. Learn how to use their features to create luxurious atmospherics and create your own lush, spacious reverb.

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