Pulsar Audio Smasher (Win)

Pulsar Audio Smasher (Win)
  • Pulsar Audio
  • Smasher
  • v1.0.2
  • x64

Pulsar Audio Smasher (Win) is a unprecedented custom alteration of the exemplary Urei 1176 blower circuit, a 1 of a sort recipe that we discovered while tweaking different calculations.

The first 1176 blower equipment offered a choice of 4 proportions, yet studio designs rapidly found that squeezing them at the identical time prompted a twisted, unstable and profoundly compacted sound. It’s this “All catches in” or “English” mode that Smasher was carefully intended to breed.

While staying near the primary hardware, the alterations we’ve incorporated with Smasher will add definition to drifters and make your tone increasingly forceful. We love utilizing it to boost the texture in drum transports, however there are lots progressively imaginative uses in addition. Smasher won’t house each and each track, except where it does, it does something amazing.

Smasher exceeds expectations at crude and abrasive sounds, bringing to mind groups like Vulfpeck, The Whitefield Brothers and also the Black Keys.

Why it’s remarkable

In view of an inside input arrangement, FET blower structures just like the Urei 1176 are known for his or her super-snappy assault times and a superb tonal reaction that ranges from delicate constraining to substantial immersion.

When running on the entire fastens in mode, some things happen to the 1176’s circuit, including changes to the predisposition voltages. In Smasher, all of those marvels are impeccably replicated simply because utilizing our exclusive Topology Preservation Technology, bringing the total sonic capacity of this great impact to your DAW.

With our novel tuning and its lovely, uncomplicated interface, Smasher gives this legendary circuit another character.

How can it sound ?

Pulsar Audio Smasher (Win) can add thickness and coarseness to any drum or bass track, or totally pulverize a transport, delivering a forceful sound that’s difficult to accomplish with different modules.

Principle Features

Topology Preservation Technology

Our exclusive demonstrating innovation ensures a perfect copying of the primary 1176’s conduct. From the immersion of the attractive motion within the inductors, to the precise reaction of the transistors and also the small adjustment impacts, everything is flawlessly recreated.

Low CPU utilization

We’ve spent ages upgrading Smasher to devour as scarcely any framework assets as would be prudent while keeping the same complex sonic outcomes. Smasher exploits current CPUs to accomplish more with less, yet additionally permits oversampling at rates up to 384kHz.

Equal pressure

Smasher’s Mix handle allows you to mix within the first natural sign. this means you’ll truly squash the homeless people with outrageous pressure, at that time bring back only a trace of the handled sign to feature support to a sound without trading off its dynamic characteristics.

Connected sidechain

On a electronic equipment transport, channels are typically compacted autonomously to house elements… yet when you’re packing sound all the more mercilessly, it’s fundamental to stay the electronic equipment picture stable. that’s the rationale Smasher utilizes a solitary identifier to process a electronic equipment track.

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