Rob Papen RP-Verb v1.0.7 [WiN]

Publisher: Rob Papen
Product: RP-Verb
Version: 1.0.7-DECiBEL
Format: Reason Rack Extension
Requirements: You need R2R's Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

When it comes to a pristine, authentic reverb, it’s the algorithm that counts. RP-Verb is the fruit of Rob Papen’s decades-long study of reverb. The result is exactly what you would expect: a stunning, musical reverb that brings unmatched dimension and fullness to your mixes. RP-Verb is “the Reverb” that you have waited years for to use in your Reason rack!

Features listed: Main section: – Dry/wet control with FX bypass button – Preset patches section – Reset (audio reset) – Uses sound banks (folders) composed of 128 patches

Distortion: – Tube saturation distortion – Amount control – On/off

Ensemble: – Multi voice chorus – Amount control – Routing into the reverb or direct + reverb – Volume control – On/off

Early Reflections: – Complex Early reflection algorithm – Routing into reverb or direct – Lenght / damping / feedback / side-feedback / cross-feedback control – on/off

Reverb: – RPCX Algorithm reverb – Space types: Hall clean, Hall cave, Hall swirl, Hall wild 1, Hall wild 2, -Room cold, Room edged 1, Room edged 2, Room storm 1, Room storm 2, Room storm 3, Space orbit 1, Space orbit 2, Space orbit 3 and Space orbit 4. – Space color types: Clean, Multi 1, Multi 2, Multi 3, and Swirl – Size control with disorder control / Length control – Pre-delay with disorder control – Diffusion control – Damping control – Low-pass and hi-pass filters – Volume control – On/off

Late reflection: – Late reflection delay – Routing into reverb or direct – Length control and damping control – Volume control – On/off

EQ: – High-quality EQ with “post” setting option – Low at 10Hz / Mid at 4kHz / High at 8kHz

Envelope: – Special Envelope for ‘Gated Reverb’ effect, ‘Non-Linear Reverb’ effect or ‘Special Reverb’ control – Control options: audio / space size / reverb length / size + length / size + lenght + audio – Amount control for space size / reverb lenght – Mono input option – Latch mode option – On/off

Back panel: – Stereo input/output – HQ Mode on/off – CV input for parameter control: Wet/Dry, Ensemble volume, Distortion amount, Early reflection volume, Late reflection volume, Reverb space size, Reverb length, Reverb diffusion, Reverb damping and Envelope trigger. – L / R Sidechain input for envelope

You need R2R’s Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

Copy the RackExtension folder to
“%APPDATA%\Propellerhead Software\RackExtensions\”

Copy *.R2RRECACHE file to
“%APPDATA%\Propellerhead Software\R2RRECACHE\”

After you add new RackExtension(s), you need to rebuild the RE cache:

– Just run “RECacheBuilder.exe” from TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder
– Cache file will be built.
– Done!

Big thanks to R2R for sharing their knowledge and providing the resources!

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