Samplesphere Roo Didgeridoo (Win)

Samplesphere Roo Didgeridoo (Win)
  • Samplesphere
  • Roo Didgeridoo
  • VST
  • 32-bit
  • Windows

Samplesphere Roo Didgeridoo is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin. Roo Didgeridoo runs as a VST Plugin.

ROO Didgeridoo was developed from actual didgeridoo performances and consists of 2 separate instruments, Rhythmic and Drone:

Didgeridoo Roo Rhythmic

Didgeridoo Roo Rhythmic is not loop based, making it very easy to create highly original, realistic didgeridoo rhythmic sequences.

Didgeridoo Roo Drone

Didgeridoo Roo Rhythmic is loop based with all drones looping until release.

Samplesphere Roo Didgeridoo Rhythmic & Drone features:

  • Keys:
    • Rhythmic: A – A# – B – C – C# – D – D# – E – F – F# – G – G#.
    • Drone: G – G# – A – A# – B – C – C# – D – D# – E – F – F#.
  • MIDI learn and full automation for all controls.
  • Filter: Low and High Pass.
  • Chorus.
  • Delay: Host tempo aligned. Ping-pong or straight, depending on left and right settings.
  • Reverb.
  • MIDI File Player with adjustable tempo. (Rhythmic only)
    Player is for auditioning MIDI files before importing them to your project, it is not a performance tool. MIDI files can be dragged from the player browser window to a MIDI track of a host that supports this function.
  • Example MIDI files for both Rhythmic and Drone are included.

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