Softube Statement Lead v2.5.9 [WiN]

Publisher: Softube
Product: Statement Lead
Version: 2.5.9-R2R
Formats: VST, VST3
Requirements: Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10
  • Publisher: Softube
  • Product: Statement Lead
  • Version: 2.5.9-R2R
  • Formats: VST, VST3
  • Requirements: Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10

When inspiration strikes and your new hit song begins to take shape, it feels like magic. The trick is finding that inspiration in the first place, and it also helps a lot if you have an easy way to transport your ideas from inside your head to a flawless recording that you can share with the world. Don’t you worry child, we have a plan for you.

Statement is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly polyphonic synth designed with the contemporary producer and songwriter in mind. With carefully recorded and processed sound sources from rare and expensive synths, built-in effects of the highest quality, and modules for our endlessly expandable Eurorack modular synth Modular, Statement inspires you to make a statement. This is the lead synth you need to create hit songs that sound polished and finished with no complications along the way.

Statement Lead Highlights

  • The polyphonic synth for contemporary lead sounds, perfect for music production and songwriting
  • Phenomenal sound quality and analog feel from careful recordings of rare, expensive hardware synths and unrivalled Softube effects
  • The intuitive user interface and the presets make it easy to get started, resulting in polished sounds in no time
  • Modular Ready: works as a native instrument plug-in and as modules in Modular, Softube’s Eurorack platform.

Designed by Experts, Built on Legacy

Softube has a long history of modeling professional gear. After nearly two decades working in collaboration with premium pro audio brands like Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Chandler Limited®, Weiss Engineering, Trident, and more, we have a solid track record recreating indisputable classics in software form that sound precisely like their hardware counterparts. This includes expertise in component-modeled mixing and mastering tools and synthesizer plug-ins like Modular, the Eurorack platform you can use to build your own version of Statement Lead and much more.

Statement is built on this legacy, and we took the same meticulous approach we always do – everything needs to be exact, with skillful recording, precise testing, and fine-tuning. Nothing less.

High-Quality Effects

Statement comes with built-in Softube effects that give you precise control over your sound. Sculpt your lead parts exactly how you want them with Drive, Reverb, Delay, and more.

Rare, Legendary Sounds

Build up your own unique sounds with a mix of one or two of the 90 waveforms recorded from a variety of rare, expensive hardware synths.

The Perfect Songwriting Tool

The carefully designed presets make it easy to get started, and the intuitive interface speeds up the process of going from idea to finished song.

Use it in Modular

Statement Lead includes Source, Filter, and FX modules for Softube Modular so you can build your own version or create a hybrid monster synth.

Unique Sound Sources and Cool Filter and Sequencer Options

The sound sources include 90 waveforms in 11 different categories. Each sound is built up by a mix of one or two of these waveforms. You can also opt to add a dirt layer of looped material such as TV Screen, Taped Storm, and Robotic Noise or transient material such as Plastic Attack and Metal Attack from the Analog Dirt section to add some grit for a richer or dirtier sound. The dirt can be mixed with the other sound sources and sent to the filter or sent dry to the output section.

The Filter section with built-in Modulation Sequencer consists of an analog-sounding low-pass filter with three slope types, 6, 12, and 24 dB/octave. You can adjust cutoff frequency, feedback, envelope type and timing, and how much the envelope will affect the cutoff frequency. The sequencer is always running with its tempo synchronized to the DAW clock, so you’ll always get a rhythmic change in time with your music. The loop length of the sequencer can be set from 1 (no loop) to 16 (all of the available 16 steps), and these steps can be set to levels or as distinctive on/off triggers to affect filter cutoff or output volume, either stepped or slewed.

A Few Powerful Tone Controls, All Kinds of Creative Possibilities

Shape your sound further in the Tone section, where you can mix your sound sources and choose whether you prefer an overall sharp attack or a slow fade-out for your sound. Punch sets the overall amplitude envelope of the sound, from a slow buildup to something snappier and punchier. With Auto-Glide, you can start or end each note with an automatic pitch-bend up or down with a programmable time and range that can go from minus two octaves to plus two octaves. You can select how you want to trigger it, for example if velocity is above a certain threshold, if aftertouch reaches a certain level, or every time a note is played or released. This is very useful for creating organic analog sounds. Aging sets the amount of unpredictability – if you turn this up, you get less stable pitch and more unpredictable attacks, dirt and grit, and analog goodness.

Sculpt Your Sound With High-Quality Effects

Statement comes loaded with effects make it easy to fine tune, create spaces, add clarity, and further sculpt your lead sounds. These include Drive, Reverb, Delay, Multiband Compression, and Spatialization. The Delay and Reverb are very sophisticated and adapted for synthesizer sounds featuring Synced pre delay and ducking on the Reverb, 8 individual L & R taps, and ducking on the delay. The Multiband Compressor is a smart one-knob solution, and the control set has been thoroughly tweaked to give you as much control as possible with as few knobs as possible. These effects have been thoughtfully selected and specifically designed for polyphonic synthesizer-lead sounds with the same superb quality as Softube mixing plug-ins.

A Modern Instrument Designed by the Best

The extensive source material for Statement Lead came from carefully recording and processing the sounds of rare, well-known, expensive hardware synthesizers to produce 90 different waveforms in 11 different categories to serve as sound sources. To accomplish this, we worked with sound designer and rare synth collector Tobias Menguser, who also partnered with us to create our Monoment Bass. Check out this short video to learn more about his process during the creation of Monoment.

Get complex quickly

Monoment Bass includes a two-layer source section, with all-stereo sources offering rich and evolving sounds. Nothing is static, and all the sources were recorded in triplicate, so there are three different samples per key for additional naturalism and life. The resulting sounds leap out of the speakers and grab hold of your track. Right out of the box and with minimal tweaking, this instrument has authority, weight, heft, power, character. The filter, LFO, and amp are all geared to musicians – you don’t need a degree in synth-geekery to use Monoment Bass – and the effects are designed step-by-step for just this crucial task.

Noise, dirt, magic

Using the aging knob, you can introduce a host of analog-ish imperfections to your bass sound. And a third noise source is available at all times, with multiple organic noise options, to add crunch to the attack or grit to the body of your sound. Add analog distortion, ambience, and tone-shaping in the effects section, and you’ll be surprised by the range of colorful living sounds your track can hold. Monoment, by virtue of its high input quality and carefully selected sculpting options, becomes more than a part of your mix. It’s the very core and heart of your mix.

Monoment Bass and Statement Lead, Synth Siblings

Softube’s lead synth Statement Lead has the same kind of user interface and many of the same features as Monoment. They were designed to work perfectly together to write and produce hit songs in the EDM, drum and bass, and house genres. Use Monoment for bass sounds and Statement for lead sounds and you have the entire range covered. The two synths feature quite different waveforms and slightly different effects with the same intuitive design and phenomenal sound quality. If you’re ready to create complex sounds with an analog feeling, they’re the perfect pair to meet all of your songwriting needs.

What’s Included

Monoment Bass Instrument

Monoment Bass instrument is a super-high-quality bass synth with stereo source sounds from top-end boutique hardware to give you huge, wide, and mood-defining sounds.

Modular Ready

The Source, Filter, and FX sections of Monoment Bass are included as modules for Modular, for when the stand-alone instrument plug-in doesn’t give you as much bass as you want. With the Modular modules, you can build your own. It’s easy to use and combine single parts of the synthesizer in a modular workflow to build patches and get an authentic bass sound. This really opens up possibilities for innovative sound creation. Learn more about the individual modules below.

The Modular modules

Monoment Source

Monoment Source is the source engine from Monoment Bass as a stand-alone module. It has a built-in amplitude envelope, waveform mixing, dirt level, and aging. It can be played monophonically within modular over midi or monophonically via the gate and note jacks. The glide, punch, release, and aging parameters have external CV control via jacks.

Monoment Filter

Monoment Filter is the filter section from Monoment Bass as a stand-alone module. It has a built-in filter envelope and LFO. The envelope is triggered through the external gate jack. The slew, range, amount, and swing sequencer functions have external CV control. The LFO can be automatically locked to the DAW tempo or set to free running mode.

Monoment FX

Monoment FX is the effects engine for Monoment Bass as a stand-alone module. It has four modes, drive, EQ, multi comp, and spatialization, that can be run one at a time. Up to three parameters in each mode have external CV control.

In short

  • Super-high-quality bass synth with stereo source sounds from top-end boutique hardware
  • Top-notch synth architecture that’s both versatile and easy to use
  • Blend noise with two different sources at once for a textured and highly complex sound
  • Includes three modules for Softube Modular: Source, Filter, and FX. Learn more about Modular
  • Professional presets from Madison Mars, Vandalism, Sample Tools by Cr2, WA production, Black Octopus, and Function Loops
  • A heavy focus on modern bass sounds makes this the perfect addition to the forward-thinking studio
  • Fills a soundstage with domineering weight and power, yet easy to mix thanks to dedicated effects

Statement Lead Features

  • 100 different stereo waveforms, each sample three times from boutique high-end synths.
  • 15+ noise and attack waveforms
  • 24, 12 and 6 dB low-pass filter with distortion
  • LFO modulation (free running or tempo synced) on filter cut-off
  • Filter envelope modulation
  • Cross-over filter between source A and B
  • 2 glide modes (legato and “always”)
  • 2 types of distortion
  • 5 types of stereo reverb
  • Multiband Compression
  • Spatialization
  • EQ (including 24 dB low cut)

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* No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than original.


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