Steinberg HALion 6 (Win)

Steinberg HALion 6 (Win)
  • Steinberg
  • HALion
  • v6.1.0.72
  • Antitrial + Steinberg Download Assistant
  • 64-bit
  • 106 MB

Steinberg HALion 6 Installation

Step 1

Install Steinberg Download Assistant (include aria2 download tool), run it and select download HALion 6 Full and 6.1.0, the speed is faster than torrent and you can even pause download like IDM. Extract 14 part downloaded and you get eLicenserControlSetup.exe (HALion 6 \ Additional Content \ Copy Protection Driver)

Step 2

Install eLicenserControlSetup.exe (can be found in the HALion 6 \ Additional Content \ Copy Protection Driver folder)

Step 3

Run the eLicenser Control Center file from the START menu (or from the desktop). In the Online synchronization and maintenance window, click Execute tasks to maintain.

Step 4

After in the eLicenser Control Center, you must enter the activation code for Halion 6 and download the license

Get Trial Activation code here:

Step 5

The Installation Guide.pdf file contains further steps

Step 6

Install eLicenser Antitrial beta-4.exe

Step 7

Steinberg HALion 6 (Win) Notification

Backup all license files in c:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\ for the first time you install eLicenser, if you get error can’t download license in the future, remove completely eLicenser, reinstall, copy&paste backup license file again to c:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\ then using maintencance funtion of eLicenser.

Step 8

Steinberg HALion 6 (Win) Notification

Turn off or remove completely any Anti Virus software as it will block Antitrial and mesh up.(Avira will block Antitrial’s component and get everything mesh even you turn off Realtime Protection, you must remove it.)

Step 9

Steinberg HALion 6 Win Notification 3

After apply Antitrial, you get demo license without experied.

Steinberg HALion 6 is that the most far reaching virtual sampling and sound plan framework accessible today and exceeds expectations this innovative procedure for makers and sound architects out and out regions.

It covers the whole inventive work process from recording and sample editing to programming propelled blend and adjustment arrangements. With Steinberg HALion 6, make modified UIs and fare prepared to-discharge instrument libraries with each progression streamlined to the best degree.

The ground-breaking Steinberg HALion 6

The ground-breaking set of oscillators for consistent example playback additionally on the grounds that the cutting edge union make Steinberg HALion 6 an adaptable inventive device in essentially every circumstance. Its wide library incorporates a large number of high-class and profound sampled instruments and front line synthesizer sounds for a wide range of melodic sorts.

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