TC Electronic DYN 3000 v1.0.02 [WiN]

Publisher: TC Electronic
Product: DYN 3000
Version: 1.0.02-R2R
Formats: VST2, VST3, AAX
Requirements: Windows 7 or above
  • Publisher: TC Electronic
  • Product: DYN 3000
  • Version: 1.0.02-R2R
  • Formats: VST2, VST3, AAX
  • Requirements: Windows 7 or above

With powerful compressor and gate effects intuitive controls, and legendary Midas tone, the DYN 3000 is a versatile dynamics plugin which brings the flexibility and immediacy of a Midas console to your DAW.

Midas Heritage Series Plugins

The DYN 3000 and PEQ 3000 are a perfect pair and allow you to experience the true tone and feel of a Midas console channel strip at an unprecedented price. Ideal for Mac and PC DAW music and post-production, these premium mixing and mastering plugins will take your audio content and performance above and beyond the next level.

Optional Hardware Controller

DYN 3000’s sleek desktop controller puts all the key compression and gate parameters right at your fingertips, allowing you to dial in the sound you need with absolute precision. The true analog-feel potentiometers together with a dedicated display for full processing overview allow you to make adjustments quickly and intuitively, expediting your mixing and mastering process by giving you immediate, tactile control.

In the Box

DYN 3000 is designed to be the ultimate dynamics processing tool for professional audio engineers or home studio owners. With 4 classic compressor types and 3 gate types, unique built in presence control, upward and parallel compression functionality, and external sidechain input, it gives all the flexibility and functionality you’d dream of from a modern dynamics processor without sacrificing the rich, warm sonic performance that Midas compressors are known for.

Industry-Leading Performance

Designed with the modern studio in mind, the DYN 3000 is a perfect recreation of the acclaimed dynamic processing from the Midas Heritage 3000 with several added features that can’t be found on the original. Combine it with the PEQ 3000 EQ plugin and you have all the power and flexibility of a Midas channel strip within your DAW.

Powerful Presence

The DYN 3000 has adjustable presence control similar to what’s found in many Midas Pro series consoles which allows you to add some subtle air to your compressed signal. This is ideal for making a vocal sound more open and natural without losing the dynamic control from the compression. Or, you may want to go for parallel or New York style compression to save the precious transients while thickening the beat.

Authentic Look and Feel

The optional hardware controller for DYN 3000 has a high-resolution color display which shows the dynamics processing overview and all the essential parameters so you can tweak your settings regardless of whether the plugin window is open, saving precious monitor real estate. With the same look, feel, and layout as Midas console controls, the DYN 3000 desktop controller gives you an authentic feeling experience and workflow.

Custom Built Presets

DYN 3000 comes with a treasure trove of custom-built presets from your favorite producers and engineers, as well as a powerful bank of tailored settings for dedicated purposes from our own engineering team. With these presets loaded you are more than ready to tackle any creative challenge and any delivery scenario.

Ready for your DAW

DYN 3000 is an essential addition to any mixing or production setup and supports all modern plugin standards. This lets you make full use of DAW automation and project recall and gives you the freedom to work with any audio software you prefer.

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