Battersea Audio Polygrade Tape Synth v1.1.0 [KONTAKT]

Polygrade is stereo tape synth
  • Publisher: Battersea Audio
  • Product: Polygrade Tape Synth
  • Release: ohsie
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Requirements: Kontakt v7.6.0+

Battersea Audio’s Polygrade Tape Synth is a Kontakt instrument library that offers a unique approach to sound generation, utilizing tape-processed waveforms from hardware synthesizers.

Discover the warm, vintage sounds of Battersea Audio’s Polygrade Tape Synth, a Kontakt library that brings the charm of tape degradation to your digital compositions.

A Fresh Take on Sound Generation Polygrade stands out by eschewing traditional digital oscillators in favor of waveforms recorded from actual hardware synthesizers. These waveforms are then artfully degraded using tape cassette machines, resulting in a library of presets that exude the distinctive warmth and character of tape sound.

The Analog Touch Every sound in Polygrade is processed through a variety of analog equipment, culminating in the application of vintage tape cassette effects. This process imbues the library with an element of unpredictability and rarity, setting it apart from typical software instruments.

A Palette of Warmth Polygrade offers a rich sonic palette that harkens back to an earlier era of synthesis. From lush pads to vibrant leads, deep basses to intricate FX, the library provides a spectrum of sounds complemented by four optional noise layers, recorded across London, to add authentic vintage ambiance.

Uniquely Distinctive The library presents a collection of sounds that diverge from the norm found in digital synthesizers and DAWs. The tones range from warm and distorted to gentle and chaotic, providing a source of inspiration that is both unique and versatile.

Seamless Integration Designed for compatibility with the free Kontakt player, Polygrade integrates smoothly into any production setup. As a Native Instruments’ NKI partner, Battersea Audio ensures that their instruments meet rigorous quality assurance standards, making Polygrade a reliable and professional addition to any musician’s toolkit.

Polygrade Tape Synth by Battersea Audio is a testament to the beauty of analog sound processed through the lens of digital convenience. It offers producers and composers a way to infuse their tracks with the soulful character of vintage equipment, all within the familiar environment of Kontakt. Whether you’re crafting nostalgic soundscapes or looking for that elusive analog warmth, Polygrade Tape Synth is a compelling choice for any sonic explorer.

Polygrade Tape Synth v1.1.0 Changelog:

  • ADDED – New Content
    • Over 70 additional presets
  • FIXED – Functionality
    • Arpeggiator knob instability
    • Additional voices to allow more flexibility within presets

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