Big Hairy Guitars Impulse Response pack
  • Publisher: Big Hairy Profiles
  • Product: Big Hairy Guitars IMPULSE RESPONSE
  • Release: xblackgoatx
  • Format: Impulse Response (IR) WAV

This pack includes 17 impulse responses (IRs): v1 comprises 10 IRs, while v2 features 7 IRs, all recorded at 24-bit 48kHz, 24-bit 44.1kHz, and 16-bit 48kHz.


  • Are these WAV files compatible with my Helix, AXEFX, or other modelers and software?
    • ANSWER: Absolutely! These are standard WAV IRs that work seamlessly with any simple IR loader.
  • What’s the difference between v1 and v2?
    • ANSWER: v1 IRs were tailored for use with tube amps, while v2 IRs were optimized for software amp sims. However, both versions sound fantastic with tube amps as well.
  • With so many IRs, where should I start?
    • ANSWER: I get it! To keep it straightforward, begin with one of my favorites. Or, if you enjoy experimenting, try swapping IRs. Here are some top picks:
      • BHG 412 V30 Greenback Blend IR: A rare Marshall 1984B Bass blend of 20w Greenback and Vintage 30, perfect for aggressive rock.
      • BHG 412 2 Greenbacks IR: Rare Marshall 1984B Bass blend of two 20w Greenbacks, offering a punchy, full-bodied tone.
      • BHG V30 VaiCab API: Steve Vai’s classic touring cab from the late ’80s, ideal for leads, now with a thicker, fatter sound.
      • BHG 412 1 Greenback IR: Blend of 20w Greenback and Vintage 30 with an additional R-121 mic, great for a classic tone.

The remaining IRs offer equally exceptional sound:

  • BHG Bognr V30 Greenback Blend
  • BHG M412 Green 57 57 121
  • BHG M412 Greenback 57 57
  • BHG M412 V30
  • BHG M412 V30 GB Blend
  • BHG Vai V30 Mes290power

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