Boom Library Fields & Spaces: Outdoor Impulse Responses [WAV]

Publisher: Boom Library
Supplier: Talula
Product: Fields & Spaces: Outdoor Impulse Responses
  • Publisher: Boom Library
  • Supplier: Talula
  • Product: Fields & Spaces: Outdoor Impulse Responses
  • Formats:
    • Stereo WAV | 24-bit / 48-96 kHz – 781 MB
    • Surround WAV | 24-bit / 48-96 kHz – 1,73 GB
    • Surround Altiverb WAV | 24-bit / 48-96 kHz – 2,31 GB
    • Ambisonic WAV | 24-bit / 48-96 kHz – 5,66 GB

Even with the best convolution reverb tools, you need the proper impulse responses to get just the right effect. Without that, a scene can’t really draw you in. Our latest collection of impulse responses, FIELDS & SPACES: OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES, enhances the reality of your work by letting you incorporate the beautiful, sonic qualities of the great outdoors. Until now, no library has provided such a detailed, spatial set of outdoor impulse responses.
Don’t settle for lifeless sound effects. Bring the great outdoors to your projects.


We’ve finally figured out how to correctly model the sonic complexity of any setting by using our long history of field recording experience and years of research and development. You’ll get over 120 impulse responses for the hardest places to record, like huge canyons, snow-covered hills, grassy fields, and narrow city streets. This is without a question the most complete and well-organized set of impulse responses on the market today and features – because of the nature of IR modeling – a near-infinite signal-to-noise ratio.


To make FIELDS & SPACES – OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES as useful and accurate as possible, we’ve included distances that vary depending on what’s appropriate for each sound. With large open spaces like a medium-sized canyon, we go from 0–30–40–70 meters, or a long alley, 0–70–120 meters, whereas in tighter areas we’ve included closer intervals, such as for a forest pit, 0–10 meters.

We’ve covered the most common outdoor environments for film and video games, with both urban and natural settings; there is an impulse response for every occasion. Natural IRs include canyons, forests, hills, mountains, and more, all with varying ground materials and distances. While urban IRs include bridges, squares, streets, alleys, ports, courtyards, dams, castles, underpasses, and more, also with varying distances. Below you’ll find example photos of just some of our modeled locations.



The stereo set of impulse responses is a mix-down of the ambisonic version, resulting in rich and dense tails.


The surround pack includes the impulse responses in stereo and in quad surround – the bare standard for professional film sound design.


We made impulse responses for ambisonic sound, which is needed for virtual/augmented reality apps and 360° films, to give you the best, most immersive 3D experience possible. This pack also includes the Surround and Stereo IR packs.


Impulse responses are vital for crafting accurate reverbs for a setting, giving it a full sense of realism. Sound designers know how important it is to have a convolution reverb plugin, which makes it easy to put sounds in different places or situations. The problem though is that accurate outdoor impulse responses are nearly impossible to naturally record – one would need gigantic sound sources and perfect weather conditions, among other things.

That is why we were desperately looking for other solutions. After two years of studying how sound behaves in different places and on different surfaces, we developed a way to make accurate models of acoustic reflections for almost any location. The result is a reflection of the real and can be experienced with FIELDS & SPACES – OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES.


This BOOM Library of creature sounds comes as WAV files, meaning you can import and work with them in any software that can handle this file type.


To provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible, all files contain extensive metadata like file description & keywords to quickly find the sounds you’re looking for. Metadata can be read and processed by audio management tools.

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