Boom Library Matter [WAV]

Sample pack for science fiction projects
  • Publisher: Boom Library
  • Product: Matter
  • Format: WAV 24-bit/96 kHz

Embark on an auditory odyssey into the realms of tomorrow with MATTER—an avant-garde sound effects collection seamlessly blending futuristic wonders with raw, organic elements. This cutting-edge assortment serves as both a repository of meticulously crafted, ready-to-use sounds and a wellspring of original effects, unleashing science fiction sound design mayhem across film, games, and beyond. Brace yourself for the bizarre allure of strange alien ambiences, the pulsating hum of bio-tech spheres, laser bursts that pierce the air, and explosive punches that reverberate through the senses.

MATTER stands as a testament to uncompromising quality in sound source selection and processing. Every sound within this collection has undergone a rigorous development and approval process, orchestrated by a team of discerning sound designers. The result? A symphony of polished sounds that effortlessly speaks for itself, ensuring an unparalleled auditory experience.

MATTER transcends traditional sound library classifications, offering designed sounds born from preprocessed organic recordings. Crafted to provide greater flexibility, this collection strikes a harmonious balance between Construction Kit and Designed approaches. It emerges as a science fiction toolset, facilitating quick and efficient sound creation and application.

In the realm of cutting-edge trailer sound design and futuristic sound effects, MATTER reigns supreme as your clandestine ally. Colossal explosions, heart-thudding impacts, otherworldly movements, and whooshes of unimaginable proportions await, ready to infuse your project with a distinctly futuristic ambiance. These sounds are meticulously treated for seamless drag-and-drop integration, ensuring your project leaps into the future with sonic vigor.

MATTER transcends boundaries, bridging the gap between traditional Construction Kits and a Design-centric approach. It enhances and diversifies your sound compositions while offering ample room for customization. The futuristic sound effects within MATTER are dynamic, infused with wall-shaking bass and crisply morphing textures, injecting your visuals with newfound vitality and a quintessentially sci-fi vibe.

MATTER reshapes the world around us, hurtling it at warp speed into future dystopian realms. It encapsulates real-world ambiences twisted through intricate processing chains, captures single hits and impacts from diverse materials, incorporates voices, devices, and machinery.

This BOOM Library of creature sounds comes in the universally compatible WAV file format, ensuring seamless integration and manipulation in any software equipped to handle this file type.

To facilitate a swift and efficient workflow, each file within MATTER is enriched with comprehensive metadata, including file descriptions and keywords. Dive into the future with ease, finding the sounds you seek with precision, thanks to embedded metadata compatible with audio management tools.

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