Core Tone Captures JP II C NAM Pack

Mesa Boogie JP-2C amp sim
  • Publisher: Core Tone Captures
  • Product: JP II C NAM Pack
  • Requirements: Neural Amp Modeler

For fans of Dream Theater’s John Petrucci and the legendary Mesa Boogie JP-2C amplifier, Core Tone’s officially licensed JP II C NAM Pack provides the most authentic and comprehensive tonal capture available for Neural DSP’s game-changing amp modeling platform.

The Quintessential Prog Metal Amp

The Mesa Boogie JP-2C has long been revered as the ultimate high-gain amp for progressive metal and fusion guitarists. Its multi-gain staged preamp and beefy power section can produce a remarkably wide range of tones – from sparkling cleans to face-melting leads infused with signature liquid resonance.

Core Tone has painstakingly multi-sampled this iconic amp with incredible depth, capturing 37 direct input signal variations and 90 separate mic’d cabinet samples across various settings at a high-resolution 500 epochs.

Unprecedented Tonal Authenticity

What sets this pack apart is the exhaustive degree of sampling to precisely recreate the JP-2C’s kaleidoscopic voicings. Every channel mode, gain stage, EQ setting, and cabinet configuration was thoroughly captured utilizing multiple microphone types and placements.

Core Tone went a step further by also sampling Petrucci’s favorite documented presets from the JP-2C’s official manual. This ensures you can replicate those beloved tones that shaped countless Dream Theater albums with uncompromising accuracy within the Neural DSP environment.

Total Flexibility and Creative Options

Along with the officially authenticated presets, the JP II C NAM pack gives you immense flexibility to sculpt your own signature voicings from the amp’s raw captures. The included 90 unique cabinet samples provide ample room for experimentation.

Within Neural’s plugin you can tweak the amp’s tone stack, swap out cab sims, blend between direct and mic’d signals, and apply additional effects. For adding extra dirt, you can stack drive pedal captures in front of the already ferocious JP-2C preamp.

The Complete Petrucci Sonic Arsenal

Whether you need glassy clean tones, chunky rhythms, blistering leads or anything in between, the Core Tone JP II C NAM pack gives you the complete John Petrucci / Dream Theater tonal experience in stunning accuracy. This is the perfect toolkit for prog, fusion, and technical metal guitarists using the Neural DSP ecosystem. Unleash your inner Petrucci today!

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