Core Tone Captures Super Lead 67 (NAM)

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  • Publisher: Core Tone Captures
  • Product: Super Lead 67 (NAM)
  • Requirements: Neural Amp Modeler

For guitarists using Neural DSP’s revolutionary Neural Amp Modeler, Core Tone’s Super Lead 67 capture pack provides an authentic and highly versatile representation of a sought-after modern Plexi-style amplifier. This meticulously captured amp covers all the classic Plexi tones while adding contemporary features and flexibility.

A Responsive, Roadworthy Modern Plexi

The amp captured here represents the pinnacle of hand-wired, boutique Plexi construction. With its supreme build quality and responsiveness, it seamlessly delivers everything from sparkling cleans to scorching high-gain leads reminiscent of Van Halen’s iconic brown sound.

Core Tone has comprehensively multi-sampled this amp’s sweet spots across a full 34 cabinet and 34 direct signal captures at 500 high-definition epochs. This ensures the amp’s signature dynamism and touch responsiveness translate realistically within the Neural Amp Modeler environment.

Tap Into Classic and Contemporary Plexi Tones

One key advantage of this modern Plexi interpretation is its enhanced gain staging capabilities compared to vintage designs. The amp’s built-in Variac allows you to explore the full spectrum of classic Marshall crunch and AC/DC-inspired rhythms to smooth overdriven leads.

But the Super Lead 67 captures go further, capturing boosted high-gain tones suitable for modern hard rock and metal styles. Using the Neural Amp Modeler’s FX slots, Core Tone even included captures with boosts and overdrives pushing the front-end into incredibly rich saturation territories.

Uncompromised Accuracy and Flexibility

While some third-party amp captures sacrifice quality, Core Tone’s Super Lead 67 pack maintains premium accuracy thanks to their adherence to Neural DSP’s recommended sampling protocols and ultra-resolute 500 epoch multi-sampling.

Along with the thoroughly documented amp and cab captures, you also get bonus pedal capture presets for stacking drive/boost colors. With the Neural Amp Modeler’s built-inmic editing, cab sims, and studio effects, these captures provide an endlessly flexible Plexi amp solution.

The Modern Plexi You’ve Been Searching For

Whether you need Marshall-inspired crunch, sensational high-gain leads, or that elusive Van Halen “brown” rhythm tone, Core Tone’s Super Lead 67 captures have you covered across an exhaustive range of styles. Blending vintage Plexi vibe with contemporary boutique amp voicings and features, this pack is a must-have for discerning Neural DSP users. Capture the ultimate modern Plexi today.

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