Cymatics Equinox Launch Edition [WAV-MIDI]

Cymatics Equinox Launch Edition WAV MIDI
  • Publisher: Cymatics
  • Product: Equinox – Launch Edition
  • Format: WAV/MIDI

Introducing Equinox, a comprehensive sound experience that draws inspiration from various styles including Trap, RnB, Electronic, Vintage, Ambient, and more.

Equinox: Trap Melodies

Crafted Trap melodies ideal for placements, influenced by renowned artists like Drake, Future, and Gunna. Combine these powerful melodies with hard-hitting drums and 808s to create professional Trap records from scratch.

Equinox: Synth Melodies

Analog synth melodies inspired by the iconic sounds of producers and artists such as Mike Dean and Travis Scott. These captivating melodies, when paired with impactful drums and bass, enable you to craft standout tracks with a unique sonic signature.

Equinox: RnB Melodies

Delve into the emotional sounds of modern RnB music with soulful melodies influenced by SZA, Giveon, Chris Brown, and H.E.R. These evocative loops seamlessly complement catchy and soulful RnB vocals, infusing your tracks with depth and soul.

Equinox: Vintage Melodies

A nostalgic ode to the classic “crate-digging” sound of Hip-Hop, inspired by J Cole, JID, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, and more. Each melody exudes warmth and character, embodying the soulful essence of this iconic genre.

Equinox: Ambient Melodies

Embrace the ethereal and emotive sound of Ambient music with these serene melodies. Influenced by Øneheart, Antent, and more, they offer a wide range of emotive and introspective possibilities. Perfect for creating atmospheric and contemplative music.

Equinox: Electronic Melodies

Channel high energy with these electronic melodies, taking inspiration from artists like Yeat and Lil Uzi Vert. Designed to create memorable and catchy tracks, these melodies seamlessly complement hard-hitting drums and basslines, catering to the demands of the contemporary music industry.

Equinox: Various Melodies

Explore a variety of styles with this diverse collection of melodies influenced by Central Cee, Bad Bunny, and other artists. This section offers a range of possibilities, allowing you to experiment and choose your preferred artistic direction.

With Equinox, you have access to a vast selection of expertly crafted melodies across different genres, enabling you to ignite your creativity and produce music that stands out in today’s industry.

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