Polarity Studio Spark Melodic Techno Diva Presets [WAV-MIDI]

Melodic Techno Diva Presets
  • Publisher: Polarity Studio
  • Product: Spark [Melodic Techno Diva Presets]
  • Format: Diva Presets
  • Requirements: u-he Diva v1.4.3.7422 or higher

Unleash the sonic power with Spark – a dynamic collection of 50 melodic loops, 50 MIDI files, and 50 cutting-edge presets designed exclusively for U-he Diva.

Fuel your creativity with inspiration drawn from the titans of 2021’s melodic Techno scene, including the likes of Camel Phat, &ME, Innellea, Ben Bohmer, and more.

Crafted by Polarity Studio, Spark is an indispensable toolkit for every Techno producer, propelling your music production to the forefront of the scene. Ignite your sound and set the stage for unparalleled sonic innovation!

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