Realitone Nightfall [KONTAKT]

A hybrid/organic strings library for Kontakt
  • Publisher: Realitone
  • Product: Nightfall
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: Kontakt v6.2.2+

Realitone’s Nightfall is a groundbreaking virtual instrument that brings the lush, emotive power of cinematic strings to composers and producers in an accessible, intuitive package. Built upon the foundation of their acclaimed Sunset Strings, Nightfall takes string ensemble sampling to new heights with its versatile sound palette and innovative interface.

Key Features

  • Rich Sound Library: Derived from high-quality recordings, Nightfall offers a diverse range of articulations including sustains, drones, textures, soundscapes, shorts, and unique effects.
  • Dual-Layer Blending System: The ability to blend two articulations opens up a world of sonic possibilities, allowing for complex, evolving textures.
  • Intuitive Effects Controls: Each layer comes equipped with easily accessible effects, streamlining the sound-shaping process.
  • Modwheel Integration: Effects can be linked to the modwheel, providing dynamic control over the sound in real-time.
  • Expression Button: Enhances dynamics through volume control, adding another layer of expressiveness.
  • Automatic Modwheel Feature: Allows for hands-free modulation, freeing up both hands for performance.

Sound Quality

Nightfall shines in its organic, cinematic sound quality. The samples are pristine, capturing the nuanced textures and emotional depth of a live string ensemble. From delicate, atmospheric pads to powerful, driving rhythms, the instrument delivers a wide spectrum of string-based sounds suitable for various genres and moods.

User Experience

One of Nightfall’s standout features is its user-friendly interface. Realitone has struck an excellent balance between functionality and simplicity, making the instrument accessible to beginners while offering enough depth to satisfy experienced composers. The dual-layer system and intuitive effects controls allow for quick, creative sound design without diving into complex menus.


While primarily geared towards cinematic and ambient music, Nightfall’s versatility extends its usefulness across multiple genres. Its unique soundscapes and textures make it equally suitable for electronic music production, game scoring, or adding organic elements to pop tracks.


Nightfall’s optimization allows for smooth performance on most modern systems. The instrument’s responsive playability, coupled with features like the Automatic Modwheel, enables expressive performances that can breathe life into compositions.

Value for Money

For composers and producers frequently working with string ensembles, Nightfall offers excellent value. Its combination of high-quality samples, innovative features, and ease of use makes it a worthy investment for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Ideal Users

  • Film and TV composers
  • Game music creators
  • Ambient and electronic music producers
  • Singer-songwriters looking to add orchestral elements to their tracks
  • Sound designers seeking organic textures

Realitone’s Nightfall is a triumph in virtual instrument design, offering a perfect blend of sound quality, versatility, and usability. Its innovative features like the dual-layer blending system and intuitive effects controls set it apart from traditional string libraries, making it a powerful tool for creating emotive, cinematic soundscapes.

Whether you’re scoring a film, producing an album, or simply exploring new sonic territories, Nightfall provides an inspiring palette of string sounds that can elevate your productions. Its ease of use doesn’t come at the cost of depth, allowing both novices and experienced composers to craft complex, evolving textures with minimal effort.

For those seeking to add a touch of cinematic magic to their music, Nightfall is more than just another string library – it’s a gateway to a world of expressive, organic sound design that can transform your compositions. With its balance of quality, innovation, and accessibility, Nightfall is poised to become an essential tool in many composers’ arsenals.

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