Rob Late Master Bundle [WAV-SERUM]

Rob Late Master Bundle - All Sample Packs & Serum Presets
  • Publisher: Rob Late
  • Product: Master Bundle – All Sample Packs & Serum Presets
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Format: WAV, Serum Presets

As producers, we’re constantly hunting for the next fresh sound to breathe life into our music. But let’s face it – trawling for individual sample packs and presets can get tedious and expensive fast. That’s what makes SampleScience’s behemoth Master Bundle such an enticing proposition – a ridiculously fully-loaded compendium of sonics covering virtually every sonic need.

We’re talking thousands upon thousands of источники тонов packed into one reasonably-priced bundle. From cutting-edge Serum presets to diverse sample libraries loaded with drums, bass,keys, and more, this collection is a true treasure trove for sound designers of all genres.

On the synthesis front, you get four absolutely stellar Serum preset packs spanning hip-hop, EDM, house, and lo-fi aesthetics. The “Zen State” pack alone contains enough head-nodding wubs and smoked-out ambient keys to fuel an entire beat tape. Gravity’s huge leads, plucks, and driving basses will energize pop and festival bangers for days.

Impressively, each preset showcases Serum’s immense flexibility while still sounding distinctly unique from the legions of other Serum packs flooding the market. SampleScience’s sound designers have an exceptional grasp of timbral motion and rhythmic interplay that makes even simple chord progressions feel vibrant.

But let’s be real – you’re probably here primarily for the absolute shedload of samples, and this bundle will empower even the most sound-hungry producers. The various Sample Science libraries positively overflow with recordings of rare and modern synthesizers, bespoke drums, analog textures, and all manners of organic instrumentation.

The “Monster” pack of glitch-fortified 808s is downright menacing on club systems, while the evocatively titled “Opals” delivers naturalistic, misty pads and tones ripe for ambient scoring. “Alpha Drums” consists of impeccably recorded acoustic kits and signature one-shot processing chains.

From a usability standpoint, the samples are consistently high-quality with sensible file naming and metadata organization. I also appreciated the inclusion of loop constructions, drum fills, and variations beyond just hit samples. Most packs even included their own Serum presets based on the source material for seamless sound integration.

My only minor critique is that with such an overwhelming amount of content, the bundle can feel a tad scattered in its stylistic focus at times. You’ll get inspiring deep house chord progressions right next to huge electro basslines next to pristine scoring textures. But I suppose that’s the nature of a true sound design buffet.
If you’re a collector who loves extracting mileage out of each sample library, SampleScience’s Master Bundle truly is the gift that keeps on giving. With this compendium of professionally curated synth presets and studio-recorded sounds, you’ll be equipped for everything from hip-hop grit to filmic ambience. It’s a sound design arsenal that will keep even the most ravenous sonic omnivores satiated.

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