Sample Tools by Cr2 Sandy Rivera Vol.1 [WAV]

An exclusive sample pack and production masterclass created by house-music icon, Sandy Rivera AKA Kings of Tomorrow
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Renowned as one of the foremost producers of his generation, Sandy Rivera has etched his name into the annals of house music history with an unrivaled legacy. Whether under his own name or his iconic Kings of Tomorrow alias, Rivera’s boundless creativity and knack for crafting timeless house anthems have elevated him to a league of his own. Without his contributions, the house music landscape would undoubtedly lack its vibrant hues and rich textures.

While many may recognize Rivera for his seminal track “Finally,” a masterpiece under the Kings of Tomorrow moniker that stands as one of the quintessential vocal house records, his catalogue extends far beyond this iconic piece. Released on Defected Records, a label with which Rivera shares a deeply fruitful relationship, “Finally” continues to resonate even after a decade, a testament to its enduring impact. Yet, to confine Rivera’s legacy to this single track would be to overlook the depth and breadth of his remarkable body of work.

In the years to come, Sandy Rivera will be hailed as one of the true titans of the scene, a trailblazing artist whose unwavering passion for house music permeates every note he creates.

And now, in an unprecedented move, Sandy invites the world into his studio, offering producers a glimpse into the creative genius of one of house music’s most illustrious exports.

Introducing the inaugural Sandy Rivera sample pack and production masterclass, exclusively brought to you by Sample Tools by Cr2.

Sample Tools by Cr2 takes immense pride in presenting this groundbreaking offering—a sample pack and production masterclass crafted by none other than the house music icon himself, Sandy Rivera, also known as Kings of Tomorrow.

This sample pack captures Sandy’s distinctive warm, soulful sound, meticulously crafted using top-of-the-line audio equipment, from the classic MPC 2000 to the revered Juno 106.

Featuring nine meticulously crafted songstarter kits, each containing a myriad of top loops, kick loops, hat loops, synth loops, chords, and basses, this pack offers unparalleled versatility and depth.

But that’s not all—alongside these captivating construction kits, we’ve included beautifully recorded vocal stems and loops, generously provided by Sandy himself. Additionally, Sandy has contributed his own spoken word vocals, offering instant inspiration for your next studio session.

Embark on a journey into the world of Sandy Rivera, AKA Kings of Tomorrow, with this highly detailed and versatile sample pack—100% royalty-free, of course.

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