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All the Samples From Mars is the culmination of 7 years (and tens of thousands of hours) of sampling our favorite, most inspiring (often rare and vintage) drum machines, synthesizers, and more, through some of the best recording equipment in the world. All of our samples feature 100% hardware processing – no plugins – and every sample has been mapped for various types of software and hardware.

Every Samples From Mars Product in Existence

At 58 sample packs and just over 50GB, this download gives you every single product we’ve ever developed. The majority of sounds are multi-sampled one shot WAVs, of drum machines and synthesizers, *mapped to sampler instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, FL Studio, Logic, Reason and more. Drum products are additionally formatted for MPC500, 1000, and 2500, Maschine, and Battery, and the synths are multi-sampled at every note, and playable via midi keyboard. Each product is a single file download, and we’ve also created a 1GB download that contains only the most essential samples from every product.

The Drums – One Shot Samples & Instruments

Drum machines are our speciality, and our drums are extensively multi-sampled one shots, based on the parameters on each drum machine. Where available, we sample every pitch, decay, etc (in Ableton there are Macros that select different drum machine pitches, which makes a huge difference in sounding like the original drum machine).

We capture the cleanest possible samples (we’ve spent years sampling and at this point may have more experience than anybody else in the world doing so). This starts with making sure the drum machine is serviced, plugging it into the cleanest possible power. We record through high quality conversion (Apogee Symphony MKII) and often spice things up with a mastering reel to reel, and a host of mastering level hardware saturators, EQs, and compressors we’ve collected over the years. Most of our drum products include clean and color samples. This is just a fraction of what we’ve sampled:

We’ve recorded everything from classics (808, 909, etc) to the more rare, hard to find drum machines like the LM1 (we sampled two!), and even stuff that has never been sampled before, like the MPC1, obscure Soviet drum machines and more. We’ve even recorded our own custom drum machine hits, by tracking acoustic drums with vintage broadcast mics and sampling them through our favorite hardware samplers (similar to how the early digital drum machines were made). The following are demos composed of the one shot drum samples:

The Synths – One Shot Synth Instruments

But even though drums are our bread and butter, our synth instruments are just as popular, and go perfectly with the drum samples.

Our synth products are multi-sampled one shots (we sample every single note), which are then looped, and formatted for samplers in various DAWs, so you can play the full keyboard in Ableton, Kontakt, Logic, and more. We also do extensive filtering, modulation, and FX in each of these programs.

Sampling a synthesizer has proven to be somewhat of a dark art. It’s something I had to teach myself over the years – downloading archaic software from brilliant (and quirky) Italian software developers who discontinued their product after being bought out by Apple.

Basically, we start with a synth we are in love with – mostly this is stuff that hasn’t been sampled (for example, vintage Russian synths or the Voyetra), but we still find ourselves sampling classics because we love them.

On the keyboard itself, we spend days synthesizing the coolest and most useable patches – juicy analog bass, warm pads, cutting leads, wild FX – the list goes on, and greatly varies with each synth. Then, we multi-sample every note, often sampling additional filter and modulation settings. Usually we record synths pretty cleanly, but sometimes we’ll hit various tubes and saturators and even tape!

Once these are chopped, mapped and looped to perfection (it takes forever and is its own art form), we go to town creating presets in various software samplers. Each software is different and has its own options and sound – Ableton allows us to get really deep with modulation, and FX, while Logic just sounds really good.

Sample-based synths, while not quite as flexible as virtual analog synths, have a completely different sound, and are often more realistic and just plain wild in our opinion.

More than just Drums & Synths

Multi-sampling synths and drum machines is our speciality, but throughout the years we’ve done more than just this! We’ve created Found Sounds by recording rain hitting various objects, thunder, traffic, the ocean, elevators, refrigerators, drill bursts, etc – in different environments, and then re-pitched these on tape machines. We’ve also developed a massive collection of modular synth loops and drones, and created the most comprehensive collection of drum machine midi grooves in existence.

And this year, we transformed a bunch of acoustic drums, Rhodes, Clavinet, bass, guitar, vocals, obscure records, dogs barking – into synthesizers and custom drum machine hits by sampling them through an old skool sampler. This is all created from acoustic drums, bass and guitar:

This is all to say, there is just too much to write here about the products we’ve developed over the years. We recommend clicking the product links to the left if you want to read more about the detailed sampling processes.

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