Toontrack Basic Rock [EZBASS MIDI]

Experience the essence of rock across the decades with our EZbass MIDI pack inspired by the foundational sounds of the '60s through to today.
  • Publisher: Toontrack
  • Product: Basic Rock EZbass MIDI
  • Release: FANTASTiC
  • Format: EZbass MIDI
  • Requirements: EZbass

In the world of songwriting, simplicity often reigns supreme. When inspiration eludes us, we tend to overcomplicate, procrastinate, and overthink, losing sight of the essence of a good song. This balancing act between simplicity and intrigue is where the magic happens – walking the fine line between a hit and a miss.

With this EZbass MIDI pack, we’ve gone back to basics, drawing inspiration from the EZkeys sibling to create a collection of basslines that are both easy to grasp and musically satisfying. Expect straightforward, nuts-and-bolts basslines inspired by the songwriters who excel at crafting songs that are effortlessly smart and effective.

Prepare to enhance your EZbass with a foundational collection of basslines. No frills or extravagant extras here – just pure, simple rock.

  • EZbass MIDI inspired by traditional/mainstream rock music spanning from the ’60s to today.
  • Features 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures in straight feel, with tempos ranging from 78 BPM to 172 BPM.
  • Includes sections for intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge, offering versatility for songwriting and arrangement.
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  • Post last modified:February 17, 2024

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