Wavelet Audio Secunda [KONTAKT]

Secunda is a throat singing VST plugin
  • Publisher: Wavelet Audio
  • Product: Secunda
  • Release: ViP Team
  • Requirements: Kontakt v7.5+

Explore Wavelet Audio’s Secunda: A powerful Kontakt Player toolkit featuring throat singing, cinematic textures, and organic sound design for versatile music production.

In the ever-evolving landscape of music production tools, Wavelet Audio’s Secunda emerges as a unique and powerful addition to any composer’s arsenal. This comprehensive review delves into the features, capabilities, and potential applications of this innovative Kontakt Player library, helping you determine if it’s the right fit for your creative endeavors.

Secunda is a massive sample library that harnesses the mystical power of throat singing, blending ancient vocal techniques with modern sound design to create a versatile toolkit for composers, sound designers, and music producers. With its focus on organic textures, haunting harmonics, and cinematic instruments, Secunda offers a fresh palette of sounds suitable for various genres and applications.

Key Features

Diverse Sound Categories

  • Main: Includes Emperor Chant, Kargyraa Low & High, and Drone Atmospheres
  • Phrases: Offers a variety of Kargyraa phrases, whisper loops, and processed vocal elements
  • One Shots: Provides hits, impacts, signature atmospheres, calls, horns, and transitions
  • Stems: 12 pre-composed musical elements for quick inspiration and layering

Advanced Sampling Techniques

  • True legato for authentic performance
  • Multiple round-robins for natural variation
  • Various dynamic layers for expressive control

High-Quality Audio

  • 24-bit / 48 kHz lossless NCW format
  • Pristine audio quality for professional productions

User-Friendly Interface

  • Intuitive Kontakt Player integration
  • Snapshots for quick preset access

Secunda’s sound quality is nothing short of exceptional. The meticulous sampling of throat singing techniques results in a library that captures the raw, primal energy of this ancient art form. The blend of traditional vocals with modern sound design creates a unique sonic landscape that’s both familiar and otherworldly.

The library excels in producing:

  • Haunting atmospheres
  • Powerful vocal drones
  • Gritty textures
  • Impactful hits and transitions
  • Organic, evolving pads

Film Scoring

Secunda’s cinematic quality makes it an ideal choice for film composers. The library’s ability to create tension, mystery, and epic moments can enhance any scene, from intimate character moments to grand, sweeping vistas.

Trailer Music

The powerful one-shots, braams, and impacts included in Secunda are perfect for crafting attention-grabbing trailer cues. The unique vocal elements can help your compositions stand out in a crowded field.

World Music and Fusion

For artists exploring world music or fusion genres, Secunda offers an authentic gateway to incorporating throat singing elements without the need for specialist performers.

Electronic and Ambient Music

The processed vocal loops and atmospheric pads provide rich textures for electronic music producers and ambient artists looking to add organic elements to their tracks.

Video Game Soundtracks

Game composers will find Secunda’s versatility useful for creating immersive soundscapes, character themes, and dynamic in-game music.

Secunda’s integration with Kontakt Player ensures a smooth workflow for users familiar with Native Instruments’ ecosystem. The inclusion of snapshots allows for quick experimentation, while the detailed sampling (multiple round-robins and velocity layers) provides nuanced control for more experienced users.

The library’s organization into clear categories (Main, Phrases, One Shots, Stems) makes it easy to navigate and find the right sounds quickly. However, given the vast array of options, new users might need some time to fully explore and understand the library’s capabilities.

Wavelet Audio’s Secunda is a remarkable achievement in sample library development. By focusing on the niche yet powerful sound of throat singing and expertly blending it with modern production techniques, Secunda offers a truly unique tool for music creators.

Whether you’re a film composer looking for that perfect, haunting texture, a trailer music producer in need of impactful vocal elements, or an electronic artist seeking to incorporate organic sounds into your work, Secunda provides a wealth of creative possibilities.

The library’s attention to detail, from the multiple round-robins to the true legato performances, ensures that the results sound authentic and expressive. While it may take some time to fully explore and master all that Secunda has to offer, the journey is sure to be creatively rewarding.

For those willing to explore new sonic territories and push the boundaries of their compositions, Wavelet Audio’s Secunda is not just a sample library – it’s a gateway to a world of mystical, powerful, and emotionally resonant sound design.

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