BBC Maestro Songwriting Gary Barlow [TUTORiAL]

Learn songwriting with the inspirational Gary Barlow
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Embark on a comprehensive songwriting journey led by Gary Barlow, the mastermind behind 14 chart-topping hits. From transforming the melody in your mind to achieving success as a songwriter, this course is your roadmap to musical greatness.

What You’ll Gain

Whether you’re a novice, a member of a rock band, or a seasoned producer, Gary’s insights hold invaluable lessons for all. Prepare to be inspired as he unveils his creative process, guiding you through the intricate steps of crafting a brand new song from inception to completion.

Meet Your Mentor

Gary Barlow, OBE, stands as one of Britain’s preeminent songwriters, with an illustrious career spanning decades. With credits including compositions for Delta Goodram, T-Pain, N-Dubz, Lily Allen, Shirley Bassey, and Take That, Gary’s achievements speak volumes. With over 50 million records sold and 14 number one singles under his belt, his wealth of experience is unmatched. Now, he’s poised to impart his vast knowledge accumulated over three decades, offering invaluable insights to aspiring songwriters like you.

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