AIR Music Tech Organ [WiN]

Publisher: AIR Music Tech
Product: Organ
Version: 1.1.0-R2R
  • Publisher: AIR Music Tech
  • Product: Organ
  • Version: 1.1.0-R2R

Classic Organic Tone and Color with Authentic Controls
• Ten tonewheel sets including Real, Dirty, Clean, Rich, Bright, Buzz, Square, Saw, Soft, and Sine
• Nine traditional organ drawbars for sculpting tone
• Add scanner vibrato and Leslie rotary speaker emulation for a classic organ sound
• Built-in effects including EQ, delay, and reverb

Classic Organ Sounds with Hands-On Control
Smooth, polished, vibrant—that’s what you’ll hear from the new Organ! Whether you’re playing jazz, R&B, gospel, rock, or hip-hop, the Organ plugin adds the perfect warmth and tone to your tracks. With nine drawbars, ten incredible tonewheel sets, and built-in effects like scanner vibrato, rotary speaker simulators, and drive settings, the Organ plugin will have you making brilliant music in minutes.

Sculpt the Perfect Organ Tone
The AIR Organ instrument brings you a rich, expressive experience built inside a stunning user interface. Adjust Amp Drive, Key Clicks, and choose from 10 tone-wheel settings to dial in your favorite organ sounds.

9 Drawbars for Authentic Tones
Classic organs are the original “Additive Synthesis”—by using the drawbars, you can add various harmonics to your tone to expand it and give it more fullness and color.

Stylize Your Organ Sound with Built-in Effects
Organ includes multiple effects like rich reverbs, delays, and EQ. Create deep and warm organ patches with tons of life and realism by using the built-in effects included with the instrument. Delay effects allow you to adjust time, ratio, feedback, mix, and resonance filtering. Reverb models include Soft, Bright, Studio, Chamber, Hall, and Ambient, all with feedback and mix controls.

The Ultimate Rotary Emulation
The swirling speaker effects of Organ come from AIR Music Technology’s award-winning rotary emulation engine, allowing you to dial in an authentic organ sound. Adjust slow and fast rate, stereo spread, hi/lo tone, modulation, and the overall wet/dry mix. You can then adjust the speed of the rotary to get that modulated organ sound!

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