AKAI Professional MPC v2.13.0 [WiN]

MPC 2 is engineered to serve as the ultimate platform for boundless creative exploration, offering an array of indispensable tools that grant users unparalleled precision and control over their musical endeavors.
  • Publisher: AKAI Professional
  • Product: MPC 2
  • Release: R2R
  • Version: 2.13.0

MPC 2 is crafted to embody the pinnacle of creative versatility, offering essential tools for unparalleled precision and control over your projects. With support for all major third-party MIDI controllers and dedicated templates, MPC 2 ensures seamless integration with your preferred hardware setup.

With the release of MPC software version 2.8, Akai Professional introduces a new era of standalone performance and multi-core processing power. One of the standout features is MIDI Multi capability, which elevates MPC into a comprehensive MIDI sequencing studio centerpiece. This transformative update enables simultaneous connection and routing of all MIDI gear in your studio, including class-compliant USB keyboards, MIDI interfaces, and USB to CV modules, expanding your I/O capabilities exponentially.

Moreover, MPC’s deep internal MIDI routing capabilities extend across tracks, allowing for comprehensive MIDI routing to any compatible synthesizer, drum machine, or sound module. This functionality, combined with multitrack recording capability, positions MPC as the vital core of any production setup, unlocking the full potential of your equipment and facilitating seamless workflow integration.

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  • Post last modified:February 17, 2024

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