Ample Sound Ample Guitar TC v3.7.0 [WiN-MAC]

AGTC (Ample Guitar Telecaster)
  • Publisher: Ample Sound
  • Product: Ample Guitar TC
  • Release: vatsugrelham
  • Version: 3.7.0

Hey there, guitar enthusiasts and digital audio wizards! If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate virtual Telecaster experience, you’ve got to check out Ample Sound’s Ample Guitar TC. This bad boy brings the iconic twang and versatility of a Fender Telecaster (specifically, a John English Masterbuilt) right into your DAW. Let’s dive into why this might just be your new secret weapon for nailing those country licks, rock riffs, and everything in between.

First off, let’s talk specs. You’re looking at a hefty 7.5 GB library that captures both the neck and bridge pickups in stunning detail. We’re talking sustains, hammer-ons, pull-offs, legato slides, palm mutes – the works! With 9 articulations at your fingertips, you can recreate just about any playing style imaginable.

Now, what really sets Ample Guitar TC apart is its cutting-edge tech. The Customized Parameters Control (CPC) gives you unprecedented control over every aspect of your virtual axe. Want to map that wah effect to your MIDI controller? No problem. The Double Guitar feature lets you layer up for that thick, studio-polished sound, while the Poly Legato and Slide Smoother ensure your lead lines flow as smooth as butter.

But wait, there’s more! The Multiple Capo Logics is a game-changer for getting realistic fingerings across different playing styles. And if you’re after that raw, organic feel, the Grainy feature adds just the right amount of randomization to keep things sounding human.

Let’s talk tone. The built-in amp sim is no joke. You’ve got models based on classic amps like the Mesa Boogie Dual, Marshall JCM800, and Fender Twin Reverb. Pair that with a selection of virtual cabs and mics (including standards like the SM57 and fancy options like the Neumann U87), and you’ve got a tone-tweaker’s paradise right at your fingertips.

Now, for all you riff-meisters out there, the Riffer feature is going to blow your mind. It’s not just a MIDI editor; it’s a full-on inspiration machine. The String Roll Editor gives you granular control over every aspect of your playing, while the Dice function generates random riffs based on actual musical analysis. Writer’s block? Not anymore!

And let’s not forget the Strummer. With 14 strum notes and 28 playing styles per chord, you can nail everything from delicate fingerpicking to aggressive power chords. The Strum SEQ feature lets you program complex strumming patterns that would make even the most seasoned session player jealous.

For you tone-sculptors, the FX section is a treasure trove. High-order EQ, two-line compressor, 6-tap delay, and IR reverb – all with real-time visualization. It’s like having a pro mixing engineer built right into your guitar plugin.

Last but not least, the Tab Reader is a killer feature for learning or transcribing. Load up Guitar Pro files, play them back, and even export them as audio. It’s like having a virtual practice buddy that never gets tired.

So, where can you snag this digital six-string marvel? Head over to the Ample Sound website and get ready to download. Just make sure your system is up to snuff – you’ll need a 64-bit OS (Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS 10.9+), about 10 GB of free space, and at least an Intel i5 processor to handle all this guitar goodness.

In conclusion, Ample Guitar TC isn’t just another guitar VST – it’s a meticulously crafted virtual instrument that captures the soul of a Telecaster in all its glory. Whether you’re a producer looking to add some authentic guitar flavor to your tracks, or a guitarist wanting to sketch out ideas without waking the neighbors, this plugin is a no-brainer. Get ready to unleash your inner Tele master!

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