Ample Sound Ample Guitar Twelve v3.7.0 [WiN-MAC]

Ample Sound Acoustic Guitar - AG12
  • Publisher: Ample Sound
  • Product: Ample Guitar Twelve
  • Release: vatsugrelham
  • Version: 3.7.0

Hey there, guitar enthusiasts and virtual instrument aficionados! Let’s dive into Ample Sound’s latest offering – the Ample Guitar Twelve. If you’ve been dreaming of having a Taylor 956 CE 12-string acoustic guitar in your digital arsenal, well, dreams do come true!

First off, let’s talk specs. This bad boy is packing 8.30 GB of pure 12-string goodness. We’re talking strum and pick sample libraries that’ll make you swear you’re hearing the real deal. And get this – you can switch between stereo and mono modes. Because sometimes you want that wide, lush sound, and other times you need to keep things tight in the mix.

Now, let’s geek out about the articulations for a sec. We’re not just talking basic strums here. Ample Sound has packed in sustain, hammer-ons, pull-offs, legato slides, palm mutes, pops, natural harmonics – the works! It’s like having a virtuoso 12-string player at your fingertips.

But here’s where it gets really interesting – the tech behind this virtual guitar is mind-blowing. They’ve got this thing called CPC (Customized Parameters Control) that lets you assign any controller to MIDI CC or automation. Talk about flexibility! And don’t even get me started on the Poly Legato and Slide Smoother. It’s like they’ve bottled up guitar-playing magic.

For all you theory nerds out there (I see you), they’ve included multiple capo logics. Whether you’re laying down a solo or strumming out some chorus chords, this VST has got you covered.

Now, let’s talk about the Riffer and Strummer. The String Roll Editor is a game-changer, folks. You can see every little detail of your performance – fingering, articulation, even playing noise. And the Dice feature? It’s like having a hit-making machine at your fingertips. Just click, and boom – instant inspiration!

The Strummer is equally impressive. With 14 strum notes and 28 ways to play each chord, you’ve got more strumming options than a guitar store has picks. And the strum legato feature? Chef’s kiss.

But wait, there’s more! (I promise I’m not turning into a late-night infomercial.) They’ve packed in some serious effects. We’re talking 8-band EQ, 2-line compressor, 6-tap echo, and IR reverb. It’s like having a full guitar rig in your DAW.

And for all you tab readers out there, they’ve included a Tab Player that can load and play various tablature file formats. It’s like having a built-in guitar teacher!

So, who’s this for? Well, if you’re a producer looking to add some 12-string sparkle to your tracks without mic’ing up a real guitar, this is your new best friend. Songwriters who want to flesh out their ideas quickly will love the intuitive interface. And for you guitarists out there who don’t own a 12-string (or just don’t want to deal with tuning one), this is a game-changer.

Anyone out there already jamming with Ample Guitar Twelve? I’d love to hear how you’re using it in your productions! And if you haven’t grabbed it yet, what are you waiting for? Your next hit could be just 12 virtual strings away. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some digital strumming to do. Rock on, folks!

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