Ample Sound Ample Bass J v3.6.0 [WiN-MAC]

Ample Sound Ample Bass Jazz: The Ultimate Virtual Jazz Bass Experience
  • Publisher: Ample Sound
  • Product: Electric Bass – ABJ
  • Release: vatsugrelham
  • Version: 3.6.0

Are you a producer, composer, or bassist looking for an authentic Fender Jazz Bass sound without the hassle of recording a real instrument? Look no further than Ample Sound’s Ample Bass Jazz (ABJ). This meticulously sampled virtual instrument brings the rich, warm tones of a John English Masterbuilt Fender Jazz Bass directly into your digital audio workstation.

Unparalleled Sampling Quality

At the heart of ABJ is its impressive 3.71 GB sample library. Ample Sound has left no stone unturned, capturing every nuance of the Jazz Bass, from sustains and palm mutes to natural harmonics and slap techniques. With 12 distinct articulations and poly legato capabilities, ABJ offers a level of realism that will satisfy even the most discerning ears.

Flexible Performance Options

One of ABJ’s standout features is its Multiple Capo Logics system. This intelligent fingering algorithm adapts to various playing styles, whether you’re laying down a groovy bassline or performing a virtuosic solo. Combined with the Poly Legato and Slide Smoother technologies, ABJ delivers smooth, natural-sounding performances that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Powerful Amp Simulation

ABJ doesn’t just stop at sampling – it provides a complete virtual rig. With three classic amp models (Vintage-15, Bass-500, and Bass-Pro) and four cabinet options, you can dial in the perfect tone for any genre. The inclusion of room mics and multiple microphone options for each cabinet (U87, C414, MD421, and SM57) allows for unprecedented tonal flexibility.

Intuitive Riffer and Tab Player

For those moments when inspiration strikes, ABJ’s Riffer feature is a game-changer. The String Roll Editor offers granular control over every aspect of your bass lines, while the Dice function generates random riffs based on analyzed musical patterns. The included Tab Player supports various tablature formats, making it easy to learn and perform your favorite bass parts.

Comprehensive Effects Suite

ABJ comes equipped with a professional-grade effects suite, including an 8-band EQ, 2-line compressor, 6-tap echo, and IR reverb. These effects aren’t just tacked on – they’re fully integrated with real-time visualization, allowing you to shape your tone with precision and ease.

Who Should Download Ample Bass Jazz?

  • Music producers across all genres, especially those working in jazz, funk, and rock
  • Composers for film, TV, and video games needing realistic bass performances
  • Bassists looking for a high-quality practice and composition tool
  • Home studio owners wanting to add professional-quality bass to their productions
  • Electronic musicians seeking to incorporate authentic bass sounds into their tracks
  • Music educators teaching bass performance and arrangement

System Requirements and Compatibility

ABJ is designed to work seamlessly across multiple platforms:

  • Windows 7/8/10/11 (64-bit only)
  • Mac OS 10.9 or newer
  • Supports VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and standalone operation
  • Requires 10 GB of hard disk space and an Intel i5 processor or higher

Ample Sound’s Ample Bass Jazz is a tour de force in the world of virtual bass instruments. Its combination of meticulous sampling, advanced performance algorithms, and comprehensive tone-shaping tools make it an indispensable asset for any digital musician.

While the learning curve might be steep for those new to virtual instruments, the intuitive interface and wealth of included presets make it accessible to users of all skill levels. The attention to detail in capturing the nuances of a real Jazz Bass is truly impressive, offering a level of realism that was once thought impossible in the digital realm.

For producers and composers working in genres where the Fender Jazz Bass is a staple, ABJ is nothing short of revolutionary. It offers the flexibility and convenience of a virtual instrument without sacrificing the warmth, depth, and character that made the original so iconic.

In conclusion, if you’re serious about incorporating authentic bass sounds into your productions, downloading Ample Sound’s Ample Bass Jazz is a no-brainer. Whether you’re crafting intricate jazz compositions, laying down funky grooves, or adding depth to your rock tracks, ABJ provides the tools and sounds you need to bring your bass parts to life. It’s not just a sample library – it’s a complete virtual instrument that captures the soul of the Fender Jazz Bass.

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