Anarchy Audioworx Total Anarchy Bundle [WiN]

Anarchy Audioworx Total Anarchy Bundle
  • Publisher: Anarchy Audioworx
  • Product: Total Anarchy Bundle
  • Version: 1.0 CE-V.R

Our goal was to give you every tool that you need to make all aspects of your music sound amazing in a tiny fraction of the time that it would usually take you, without all the hassle of guessing which settings are correct for your specific sounds or jumping between loads of different effects plugins or instruments just to achieve one goal.

We have achieved that with The Total Anarchy Bundle and taken away all of the hard work by giving you categorised libraries of ‘done for you’ presets in every plugin. Each plugin comes with its own easy to use intuitive interface with everything to hand so you can get the exact result you need with ease!

Total Anarchy Bundle includes:

Anarchy Comp v1.0 – compressor
BEEF v1.0 – saturator
Duplex v1.0 – chorus
LFO Pro v1.0 – 6 LFO multi modulation effect
Pulsar v1.0 – modulation
Vocalator Pro v1.0 – vocal processor

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  • Post last modified:December 19, 2022

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