Audioscape XL305R [WiN-MAC]

The XL-305R VST draws its lineage from the all-analog XL-305 Spring Reverb of the 1980s
  • Publisher: Audioscape
  • Product: XL-305R Equally Tempered Stereo Reverb
  • Release: R2R
  • Version: 1.0.1 Regged

The XL-305R is a reimagined version of the classic XL-305 Spring Reverb from the 1980s, known for its cult-like status as a secret weapon reverb. Unlike typical spring reverbs, the XL-305R features 12 springs tuned together in an equally tempered fashion, akin to opening the lid of a piano and singing into the strings. With guidance from Wayne Kirkwood, the original designer of the XL-305, and four years of intensive research and development, this groundbreaking design has been brought from the last century into the modern era.

Key features of the XL-305R include:

  • 2U size with an international external power supply for optimal noise specification.
  • Input controls with signal overload LEDs to indicate when the signal is too hot.
  • Mix controls to blend the dry and wet signals.
  • 4-band center-detent EQ controls per channel for versatile tone shaping of the wet signal.
  • Parallel/Wet toggle switches for easy switching between full wet signal or parallel blend.
  • Mono Drive and Mono Return lighted push-button switches for stereo linking and summing the signal to mono, respectively.
  • LED indicators on the right side of the unit to monitor the total output level of the reverb.

In summary, the XL-305R offers a perfect balance of simplicity and flexibility, making it a versatile tool for modern audio production.

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