BEATSURFING beatfader [WiN]

beatfader plugin allows you to play beats with any DAW and MIDI-enabled controller or DJ mixer
  • Publisher: BEATSURFING
  • Product: beatfader
  • Release: MOCHA
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Format: VST3/AAX

Introducing beatfader, the revolutionary audio plugin that allows you to play beats with any DAW and MIDI-enabled controller or DJ mixer. Here’s what makes beatfader stand out:

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you’re using a fader, knob, or mod-wheel, beatfader seamlessly integrates with any MIDI-enabled controller or mixer, providing intuitive control over your beats.
  • MIDI Out: With MIDI out capabilities, you can create your own kits or expand your sound library by adding additional sounds to your setup.
  • Live Looping: Effortlessly loop your performances with selectable loop lengths, enabling you to create dynamic and immersive live loops on the fly.
  • Sound Sculpting Mastery: Take full control of your beats with individual controls for each sound’s gain, pitch, and filter, allowing you to fine-tune your beats to perfection.
  • Quantization Customization: Customize the quantization amount to explore new rhythmic possibilities and add a unique feel to your beats.
  • Spread the Magic: Adjust the spread parameter to add margins to the sides of the fader, effectively compressing the distribution of notes and adding depth to your beats.
  • Skew Your Drums: Break free from convention by inverting or skewing notes, unlocking endless creative possibilities and variations.
  • Mute for Emphasis: Individually mute each note to create captivating transitions and breakdowns, adding emphasis and drama to your performances.
  • Expansive Sound Library: With a vast selection of pre-loaded kits and the ability to save your own, beatfader offers limitless possibilities for crafting your unique drum palette.

With its intuitive controls, versatile features, and expansive sound library, beatfader empowers producers and performers to unleash their creativity and take their beats to the next level.

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