Beatsurfing Random [WiN]

Beatsurfing Random Infinite Sound Generator VST
  • Publisher: Beatsurfing
  • Supplier: TEAM NeBULA
  • Product: Random
  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Format: VST3/VST2

Introducing RANDOM: Unlocking Infinite Unique Sounds
Prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other with RANDOM, a groundbreaking plugin that combines the brilliance of Multi-Platinum Producer Phazz and the award-winning innovators BEATSURFING. This revolutionary tool transcends boundaries, pushing the boundaries of sound design with AI and neural network principles.

At the heart of RANDOM lies the transformative power of the RANDOM wheel, serving as a gateway to two distinct systems: the Synth and the Resonator. With hundreds of parameters at your fingertips, DEVIANCE takes center stage, determining the level of randomization with each spin of the wheel. As you strike notes, INSTABILITY adds an element of unpredictability, shaping the unique variation between each note. Watch in awe as the wheel visually moves in sync with DEVIANCE.

Unleash your creative genius with the RANDOM plugin, a testament to what happens when innovation meets boundless potential. Elevate your music to new heights as you explore the limitless soundscape of RANDOM, serving as the catalyst for your next sonic masterpiece.

Key Features:

The sonic landscape is further shaped by the influence of STRESS, dictating the decay length of the synth. Meanwhile, the SPIKE control imparts an aggressive quality, offering darker, warmer tones on one end and a more assertive, edgier palette on the other. BLEED and FLUID provide delicate modulation over the resonator, allowing for nuanced control over color and presence.

With PARAMETER LOCK buttons at your disposal, you have the freedom to anchor specific settings while fine-tuning other elements without disturbing your meticulously crafted foundation.

Take your creative journey to new depths with TABLES AND PRESETS meticulously curated by Phazz himself. Each X/Y Table presents a treasure trove of handcrafted timbres driven by AI models that seamlessly morph between points as your cursor traverses the digital canvas. Here, the essence of Ferrofluid dynamics comes alive, pulsating within the two-dimensional table, responding intuitively to your creative touch.

RANDOM’s synthesis goes beyond the conventional, offering a symphony of data-driven artistry. Neural Networks orchestrate the dance of high-dimensional parameter vectors within a two-dimensional table, navigating an intricate terrain that reveals a world of sonic possibilities.

Prepare to be captivated by RANDOM, where innovation and creativity collide, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sound design. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the vast sonic landscapes it has to offer.

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