Black Salt Audio TeloFi [WiN]

Black Salt Audio TeloFi
  • Publisher: Black Salt Audio
  • Supplier: Team R2R
  • Product: Telofi
  • Version: 1.0.5 Incl Patched and Keygen

That retro sound
without the baggage

Mixers have used the classic lo-fi / telephone effect for decades. You probably used it in your last mix! But why go through the hassle of using 4 different plugins to achieve it when you can do it in just seconds with TeloFi?

For LoFi

Stop wasting time bouncing back and forth
between an entire arsenal of plugins to achieve
that classic LoFi sound. Simplify the entire chain
with TeloFi and go from 4-5 plugins to one.


Automating various parameterss in multiple
plugins is a hassle. Avoid the headache and
automate everything from one plugin to achieve
easy filter sweeps and “LoFi to HiFi” effect transitions.

The Effect That
Never Gets Old

Let’s face it… you’ll be creating different versions
of this effect again and again (and again) in your
mixes. We got rid of the tedious stuff so you can
focus on being fast & creative.

Key Features

Telofi allows you to instantly dial in telephone like filtering effects that work great on vocals or instruments to have them pop out of the mix.
The first stage of telofi is a unique distortion algorithm that adds bite and harmonics to the signal and can be pushed from subtle saturation to heavy overdrive via its smart single knob control.
Afterwards the tone section allows you to easily dial in the perfect sweet-spot for a natural sounding bandpass filter using the “Effect” and “Tone” dials.
A very fast and snappy custom compressor gives the option to really pin the signal in place after the filtering stage and make sure it is solid in dynamics and always present. As with the distortion, this is a smart control that can be pushed from subtle to extreme effects.
As final addition, a slapback delay allows to create space and character without cluttering up the mix and giving a hint of depth and space to the outgoing signal.

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