DMG Audio All Plugins Bundle 2021 [WiN]

DMG Audio All Plugins Bundle
  • Publisher: DMG Audio
  • Products:
    • Compassion v1.23
    • Dualism v1.13
    • Equality v1.37
    • Equick v1.19
    • Equilibrium v1.62
    • Essence v1.11
    • Expurgate v1.09
    • Limitless v1.12
    • Multiplicity v1.07
    • Pitchfunk v1.18
    • Trackcomp v2.03
    • Trackcontrol v1.07
    • TrackDS v1.07
    • Trackgate v1.07
    • Tracklimit v1.07
    • Trackmeter v1.07
  • Version: 2021.06.22 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R
  • Formats: AAX*, RTAS, VST3, VST
  • Requirements: Win32/64

DMG Audio All Plugins Bundle get updates – lots of lovely new features in Limitless and Essence, and bug fixes all around for stability and compatibility.

DMG Audio has launched 5 plugins in a new Track range of professional mixing plugins for Windows. TrackControl offers easy channel control. Everything, in one place. All the utilities from the top and bottom of a console channel. Plus MS Panning, time compensation and more. TrackDS is a plugin for instant de-essing. An invisible De-Esser that does exactly what it says it will. Add to that intelligent detection of sibilance, and it’s one-click to use.

DMG Audio All Plugins Bundle contains:

  • Compassion v1.23 – Highly Configurable Compressor
  • Dualism v1.13 – Dual Analyzer
  • Equality v1.37 – Best Possible Analogue Curves EQ
  • Equick v1.19 – Fast Ultra-Modern EQ
  • Equilibrium v1.62 – Finest Massively flexible EQ
  • Essence v1.11 – World’s most powerful De-Esser
  • Expurgate v1.09 – Genre-advancing gate/expander plugin
  • Limitless v1.12 – Multiband dual-stage limiting
  • Multiplicity v1.07 – 8 bands of crossover/dynamic EQ
  • Pitchfunk v1.18 – Pitch Shifting Madness FX
  • Trackcomp v2.03 – 1 Digital and 8 Analogue Compressors
  • Trackcontrol v1.07 – Free Edge-of-channel utility
  • TrackDS v1.07 – Invisible DeEssing
  • Trackgate v1.07 – Smart Gating
  • Tracklimit v1.07 – Wide-band limiter
  • Trackmeter v1.07 – Suite of graphs

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