Futurephonic Rhythmizer 2.1 [WiN-OSX]

Publisher: Futurephonic
Product: Rhythmizer
Version: 2.1.1 Regged-R2R
  • Publisher: Futurephonic
  • Product: Rhythmizer
  • Version: 2.1.1 Regged-R2R

Welcome to Rhythmizer 2.1, your new MIDI friend ready to blast some new magic into your synths and samplers.

► Draw one note. Start an adventure.

Rhythmizer turns a single note into random MIDI output – under your control. Random velocity, note length and groove get your instrument jamming instantly.

Reaching for a melody? Choose from an extensive list of scales – you can’t hit a wrong note. The Chroma scale works perfectly with samplers – the device will choose sampler cells at random.

►‎ MIDI looping is here.

Slam that Loop button at any time to hear it again and again, at whatever subdivision you require. We like dotted eight loops, or 1/16ths for a glitchy feel.

‎► Ready to rock.

Mac and PC users, everyone’s looked after – Rhythmizer comes in VST3 and AU.

The device is compatible with all major DAWs and can send MIDI to anything that receives it: your synths, samplers… even hardware!

Don’t miss a thing. Record Rhythmizer’s output to MIDI and keep editing.

► Human feeling.

With just a few knob twists (or hit some of our presets inside), introduce essential humanisation into your music. Random velocity and gate get the flow shifting, and add a little – or a lot of – Shuffle groove to get things off grid and less clinical.

You’re going to love Bend Mode. Instead of scale notes, Rhythmizer sends out pitch bend data. Slide from wobbly vintage vibrato to whacky, LFO-triggered pitch dives.

►‎ Push to the Max.

Some of you may know that Rhythmizer started its journey in Max for Live. Ableton Live Suite 10/11 users can enjoy extra skins and a Map control with the M4L device (included).

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